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April Recap On Film


Hello everyone! Can you believe it's already May? How is the year basically already half over?! But let's take a step back to April real quick! I got a little film camera for graduation last year and I have absolutely loved it!! 

I got a photo album for 2021 and have been ordering prints when I develop my film and have loved having a tangible album to flip through! Instagram and this blog are great archives, but nothing beats sitting down and looking through photos and sharing memories with others. How wild it is that one day I may be sharing these memories I'm living through now with my future children!? 

This is your sign to get a cheap film camera, the one I have is great (buy yours here!) It's also a great alternative to disposable cameras because its just as easy for beginners, but also ✨sustainable✨ which is my favorite part! Okay!! Let's jump into April!!

Reece and I spent MANY days out in the sun at the VMFA picnicing, painting, hanging out, every time was soooo lovely <3
My friend Lindsay skating!! We are determined to become skate stars! Look at her go!
Reece and I celebrated 6 months of dating with a fancy dinner at Gersi!! We sat outside don’t worry, and went at like 5:30 to avoid people lol
More VMFA picnics with Reece :-) I was hunting for this picnic blanket for WEEKS and finally was able to track it down at a far away Target and it was so worth it! I have already used it so much I love love love it!!!
AND OMG EMMA IS IN TOWN!! SUCH a wonderful surprise! Mimi and Saunders were both in town at this time, Mimi hadn't been here in over a year and a half! So when Saunders heard he drove down for a visit and then Emma joined in on the fun! But here's the thing, Emma coming was a TOTAL surprise! Having everyone under the same roof again was a literal dream, I missed everyone so much, such a treat :-)
Cutie sissy moments <3
Spring at this point is FINALLY in full force! Flowers everywhere! Which is amazing, but sadly means pollen is everywhere too... BUT the sniffles are worth it for some beautiful flowers :-)
We went to our river house while everyone was in town, it was so nice to be able to ~*get in touch with nature*~ 
Sunshine smiles!!
Saunders and Tucker :-)
Look how cutie Mimi is!! She's been here for the whole month, it's really been wonderful spending some chill time with her. I like the longer visits a lot because it doesn't feel like you have to force on fun times and activities into one week or something, just taking it easy and enjoying essentially living together. 
⭐️CHEERS! Having everyone here meant LOTS of fun family meals. We cooked basically every meal and all sat down together and it truly made every day feel like the weekend. Huge proponent of spending quality time in the kitchen together! Here's to more of that in the future :-)
Some more Reece time at the VMFA! drinking some Yerba Mate! My favorite is the Orange Exuberance, do you drink Yerba? What's your favorite flavor?
Many many many mannnyyyy mornings at the VMFA journaling and making art :-)
AND IM FULLY VACCINATED!!! I wish this photo turned out better, but I just love it for what it Is! I'm so so so happy to be vaccinated! I lucked out and had no side effects, made sure to do my windmills and my arm was barely sore! Go get vaxed if you can! Let's change the world!!
I've tried for the last month to get up and walk every morning and I'll tell you it's changed my life. I start every morning feeling so great, it's such a mood booster, I feel energized and ready to start my day! It's meditative, empowering and ooooo baby its amazing! This IS YOUR SIGN TO GO ON A WALK!! 
KOI! love this guy <3
Doing some work at VMFA.... typicallllll Oh and yeah! This was the first day with my new haircut! we love <3 still loving it so much!
Sleepy Reece at the VMFA :-)
Mimi among all of the flowers!! Such a happy photo, such a happy day, capture the little moments yall, it'll be worth it!
This was one of the first days that Saunders arrived! The start of the family festivities :-)
So much love for spring time :-) We've spent a bunch of time outside and it seriously makes my mood go 📈
Ice cream with Mimi from Scoop! Again, loving all the little moments lately :-)
Anddddd lastly, Ally and I went to All Fired Up and I painted a mug!! I love it so much! Get out there and do more activities with your friends! It's the BEST!! 

Okay and that was April!! Cannot wait to see what May brings!! I love you all so much! Have a wonderful month! Keep it light, take a bunch of photos, journal in the grass, make wishes on dandelions and fall in love with everyone around you <3 Peace and blessings lil cherubs <3


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