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My 2021 Resolutions and Goals!!

Hey guys!! You guessed it, one of my new years resolutions is to get back into blogging, who's surprised there? So let's get into it! Kicking it off right with some new years resolutions! I know 2020 was crazy we totally learned to expect the unexpected, but that doesn't mean I don’t want to dream big! What do you think? Are you making resolutions this year?

1. Read more books and write more!
Hoping to expand my lexicon, imagination and just brain in general! I want to read more so I can write more! I really want to write a book one day which sounds CRAZY right now, but who knows! Maybe down the road i'll get there! The thing with reading is I never think I have enough time to read when in reality I REALLY do!! When I went without my phone for a week, I found I had way more time to read simply because my attention span wasn't being sucked up by my phone, I actually found the time! Let's have more of that in 2021

2. Exercise and eat better!
I know I say this every year, but it really dawned on me that I am kinda getting to that point in my life where the things I do now will affect me in the future which is so wild. But I want to live forever! I want to be healthy into old age and capable of traveling and to still have my brain being sharp at old age! That's the goal, gotta put in the work for the future.

3. Get on a normal sleep schedule!
The whole vibe for 2021 is to take care of my general health well being! I wonder why I'm so stressed out all of the time, so exhausted and anxious, I always forget that sleep is a huge factor in literally EVERYTHINGGGG I need to stop thinking its a badge of honor to pull all-nighters and actually get some dang sleep. Hot girls get enough sleep, thats a fact. 
4. Go to therapy! 
Just because things are good now, doesn't mean I shouldn't talk to someone! Another thing that hot girls do in addition to sleeping is going to therapy!! I feel like this I a necessary thing that everyone should do, its so healthy to talk things out and work through feelings and emotions, I think its time! And COVID may make it a littleeeee tough, but even if its on BetterHelp or something, I want to get started with this! 

5. Become more financially savvy!
So I can pay for therapy. Lol. I've already started on this and it's already been so helpful! I need to budget and plannnn money is for SURE not grown on trees and maybe if I get better at this "how to make money fast" wont be such a popular google search of mine, and then I can save up to:

6. Move out!
Yes! I want to move out. It's been almost a year since moving home due to COVID, and obviously thats something that you can really work around so I've just been staying put. I'm feeling stuck, wishing to spread my wings and connect with my soulll!! I am incredibly grateful to be here at home with my family, but I am also ready to start my life in a way I haven't been able to since being here. It's going to be a lot of work, but I'm ready for it! 
7. Manifest more!
I only dabbled in this in 2020, but I am really looking forward to learning more about manifestation and the power of setting positive intentions and asking for what you want. I would LOVE to manifest positive mental health, more blog readers, youtube subscribers, all of that! I'd love to manifest my move, my dream apartment, my dream wardrobe, all of that! 

8. Grow out my hair!
I know this isn't anything crazy, but 2020 really taught me the dangers of damaging my hair and just how BADLY I miss having healthy hair! My hair has never been an insecurity of mine until now. After insane breakage and many meltdowns chopping it off, its so thin and short and I'm really hoping with the power of biotin pills and thickening shampoo, i'll get there! I officially stopped bleaching my hair a month or so ago and it's already felt so much better! Baby steps...

9. Document my life more!
I already do this a lot, but through journaling, taking film photos, scrapbooking, anything and everything, I really want to have memories for when I'm older! That's one of the main reasons why I make content at it's core is so I can remember it when I'm older. I feel like it also helps strengthen your memory? Who knows! After doing my 1 second a day video this year, that really solidified that I want to continue to document everything forever!! 

And that's that!!! What do you think? Are you making any goals for 2021?
Talk soon, xo, O


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