23 Things I Learned in my 23rd Year

Hello!! Hope you are all having a WONDERFUL day! I know I am, because today is my BIRTHDAY!! I cannot believe it's already that time of the year again, I don’t even know HOW it's possible that i'm already 23, and yet somehow the last year feels SO FAR AWAY! This past wild year was full of twists and turns, but I've learned so SO much! SO I wanted to share with you, 23 of those things, 23 things I've learned in my 23rd year! 
1. Recognize The Power Of Patience 
Not only with myself, but also with others, being patient is the best thing you can do. We have to stop sweating the small stuff! As we know 2020 taught us to expect the unexpected. I've learned how to be patient with my current place in life. From things like a backed up coffee shop rush all the way to when im going to move out to a whole new city all on my own, we have to know that it's okay to be patient and take things one step at a time. 

2. Listen To Burnout, Don't Push Yourself 
Sometimes it can be hard to even recognize burnout, but it is crucial to take care of yourself and take time for yourself, which is there is a theme for this past year of my life it is for sure that. Which I think is something that i've been learning since being in college, stress was a huge part of my daily routine, but we have to remember that taking breaks and listening to our minds and bodies is sooooo essential for our wellbeing. 

3. Lean Into Alone Time, It's Okay To Be Alone
As we all know, I'm such an extrovert, so being in lockdown for the past year totally taught me how to fight that. Taught me how to appreciate my time, and know that my own company isnt that bad! It's okay to be with myself. It can be so restorative and healing. 

4. Check In With All Of Your Friends
Always ask how they are doing!! I learned the true meaning of friendship in this past year. The power of friendship is STRONG! It is important to put yourself out there as a trusting and loving friend. You never know what someone else is going through, especially your happy, bubbly friends. It's so important to treat others like you want to be treated. You never know when something may be up with a friend, and often times if they are going through something it can be hard to speak up and ask for help, so always let them know you’re there and check in every now and then! 
5. Don't Take Sunshine For Granted 
2020 for SURE taught me how to not take the little things for granted. Sunshine being a HUGE one! Being in the presence of nature, in the fresh air and having the sun on your skin genuinely feels so restorative. It is such a stress reliever to go on a walk and get outdoors. Not to sound cheesy or weird, but I kinda feel like I'm one with the sun. 

6. Self-Forgiveness Is Your Superpower
It's so easy to get on yourself and feel guilty for the little things. For me, sleeping in or messing up or missing something on my todo list. When in reality that negative energy is so useless. It's heavy and honestly weighing me down!! We have to be forgiving to ourselves, how else will we grow and evolve! No more anxious, pent up guilt over the little things! There isn't enough time in the world for that!

7. Sleep Is Not Overrated 
Somehow, even at 23 I am still learning this. Though my sleep schedule still isn't great I will say, IT MATTERS! When I get enough sleep I genuinely feel so much more productive during the day, my body feels energized and healthy! That is when you recharge, and your insides do all the self care haha

8. Live Each Day Like It Could Be The Best Day Of Your Life
This has got to be my new favorite quote, because this is SOOOO TRUE! You never know when something amazing is going to happen, stating your day with this mindset allows you to start your day on such a positive mindset that you should start everyday with!
9. Time Enjoyed Wasting Is Not Time Wasted
Similarly to the self forgiveness one, I'm learning that there is no such thing as a waste of time. Since time is so valuable, if you make conscious decisions to "waste your time" then it was never a waste of time in the first place! What ever you did was something you enjoyed doing! You should continue doing the things that bring you joy

10. Small Habits Help Your Headspace 
I'm a huge proponent of making my bed every morning and writing the same simple tasks on my todo list everyday. Getting into a routine with anything just makes me feel more organized, way less cluttered and like I have at least something together. I feel more structured in general, big fan of tiny healthy, happy habits.

11. Self Reflection Is So Healthy! 
I've found that I often give myself the best advice. Sometimes when I journal or even podcast I say things that then in the future, I still get down on. Does that make sense? I need to go back to my old podcasts and old journal entries to reflect and hear my own advice. You'd be surprised by how much you learn from yourself! 

12. Make Friends Everywhere You Go
Whether it's the local coffee shop or a boutique, I love making friends everywhere I go. I find that having genuine conversation, really getting to know the people who even though they see hundreds of people a day, rarely do people make THEM feel like friends, really goes a long way. Maybe it's a karma thing? I aim to spread positivity everywhere I go, that shouldn't stop with someone even if the interaction is only 45 seconds long. I aim to make lasting connections, foster strong relationships with everyone! It makes coming a regular somewhere way more fun ;-) 

13. Dance Parties Are Essential 
ESSENTIAL!! No matter what you're doing right now, well i'm assuming you're reading this. Take this moment to pause, turn on your favorite song and get up and DANCE! Especially when im feeling down, anxious or upset, dancing is one of my favorite ways to turn things around. It's like you're literally physically shaking off all your problems. PLS try it!
14. Every Bad Day Can Be Turned Into A Good One (most of them)
Sometimes we go through really hard days, I don't want to discount that. But I will say, this past year I worked on trying to not let minor inconveniences get to me. I tried to stay level headed and focus on the good. Each day is full of millions of opportunities. Maybe the way to turn things around is with a dance party....?? Being more intentional and learning how to change my mindset has been one of my true superpowers this past year. I look forward to learning more on how I can continue to boost my mood and change things around when im feeling down just with the power of positive thinking

15. The Time Always Has Been And Always Will Be Now
Obviously COVID permitting... our time is so valuable, we need to start taking it into our own hands! I always wanted to start a podcast so this year I said what the heck, let's do it! I always wanted to take blogging/youtube full time so I said WHAT THE HECK! LET'S DO IT!! Your passions and dreams shouldn't have to wait just because of self doubt! You've got this!

16. You ALWAYS Have A Support System, People Who Love You + Are Inspire By You
And even if it feels like you don't, know that I've got you. Honestly!! If you are ever going through something and feel like you have no one to talk to, I'm there for you!! DM me on instagram! I'm serious! This is a judgment free zone, I am always here for you! But really, please know that youve made a good impression on people! You inspire people! Sometimes it may feel like the world is against you, but I can assure you it is not!

17. Stop Assuming The Worst About People, Release Judgment 
Because you never know someone elses story. It's important to always assume the best. Assume that, like you, everyone is trying their best in this tough wild world. Be more open minded! As a society. we like to assume the worst im people, release stereotypes. It's time we unlearn things we thought we knew before! It's so important to get to know people, and of course, treat people with kindness !!

18. You Are Beautiful The Day You Start Saying It
Obviously, we all know you are a stunning human being, but it really takes you saying it for you to believe it!! You have to hold yourself in a way that feels confident, constantly telling yourself that you are beautiful and wonderful, then you WILL start to feel beautiful and wonderful!! Speak it and it will be true!
19. Life Is More Fun When You Refuse To "Grow Up"
Granted we will all have to do "grown up" things some day, BUT living life with the same childlike sense of wonder that you had when you were a kid is where the magic happens. Life is more fun with a cherry on top. Life is more fun when you laugh often and always try to look on the bright side! Never let your inner child grow up, they’re there to help you navigate through all the tough adulting. You've got this.

20. Never Stop Learning And Trying New Things 
No matter what path you decide to take, that should never be your entire world. Your life should be constantly filled with new passions and adventures. You never know until you try, whether it's a new food or a new language! Like I said, the time is NOW! Follow those dreams!

21. Let Go Of Old Pain And Then You Will Finally Begin To Heal 
I turned 22 with a lot of old pain in my heart, full of grief and confusion wondering where did I go wrong, how could I have done better, lingering on past relationships and lost opportunities, but honestly i've found that the moment I was able to let go of that old pain was when I was able to start moving on and actually growing! It's much easier said than done, but growth is a long process, let go and feel the weight lifted off of your shoulders!

22. Physically Document Casually 
Whether it's collecting an old candy wrapper or taking film photos. Living in a digital world it can be easy to feel like we are collecting memories when in reality they just sit in our phones forever unseen again! I started documenting a lot more this past year and I've loved it. I love having photo albums, those will last a lifetime! Whether its my journal or a keepsakes box, make time for the casual memories from good times!

23. Flood Your Space With Positive Affirmations 
Lastly, something that I talk about all the time is the power of positive affirmations. I know it seems cheesy, but honestly, put sticky notes EVERYWHERE! No matter what you want to say, remind yourself how beautiful you are, how strong you are, how clever you are, how cool you are, whatever it is! Put them in your closet, around your mirror, on your bedside table, everywhere! It's so essential to remember that the best kind of love is self love, and a little note goes a long way :-)

And that's it!! This past year has been all over the place, but I really did learn a lot! And I hope you learned something today too :-) 
I love you so so much! Have a wonderful day, go eat some cake!!! Xo, O


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