2020 WHO?

Hello!! Happy New Year!! Somehow someone decided that it was already time for a new decade, I don't know if I'm not ready or really just have never been more ready in my LIFE! Indecisiveness is what we are feeling lately haha... And yeah, I say decade because the new decade technically starts this year. SO I guess since we all thought that 2020 was the new decade, that was basically just like our test run right? A year to make all our mistakes, learn and grow and all that jazz so we are prepared for the ACTUAL new decade?! Or is that way more intimidating?! I don’t even know... 

Anyway, so yeah, this year has been insane. I don’t really have the words at this point for some super sappy sentimental post. I want to post more on here, I say that every time but I WANT TO DOCUMENT MY LIFE IN ALL WAYS POSSIBLE, so hey, let's make paying for this domain slightly worth it HA! I have a new podcast episode coming out on Monday about all my new years resolutions and what not, so you can hear about all of those there then. 

I also just posted my one second video from 2020, which you can watch right here right now...

It's weird because so much happened this year, I celebrated SO many milestones but really just let them pass by. For example, my blog turned ten. TENNNNNNN I'm now officially on the tenth year of blogging and what did I do to celebrate? Nothing... Oops? I'm insanely proud of myself. I haven't taken it full time or really taken it that seriously this ninth year, but still, it's been ten years. I'm proud of myself for this little decade of run on sentences and mix matched outfits. Cheers to ten more. Ten more years of exploring the world, myself, others, everything. Cheers to everything!!

I love you all so much! 
Talk soon? xo, O


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