It's no shock to hear that 2020 has been a pretty wild year. I'm sure we can all agree its been full of so much uncertainty, questioning and curve balls. I don't need to go through the insanity of the global pandemic and the tragedy of a summer of racial injustice (obviously not just a summer issue, but a summer of protests) our planet has seen so many climate catastrophes, and our country has been so divided. But that's all about to change (*hopefully*)

Today Joe Biden won the presidential debate! Trump is officially set to pack his bags and move out of the white house, people no longer will have to live in fear that the man running our country is out to get them, hates them, doesn't believe in them or whatever it may be. We can breathe. Of course he has his crazy followers that are scary and often up to no good, but for the first time in four years we can really take a deep breath. Here are some videos that get my point across a little better:

Hope is in the air💙

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Four, painful long years later, we made it. MR. PRESIDENT, JOE BIDEN💙 #biden #biden2020 #election #joebiden #fyp #foryou

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Basically I'm just REALLY happy! It's hard to even put it into words to be honest, it took a little bit for it to sink in but when I tell you it did, it did. After watching Harris and Biden's speeches, walking around a bit through the streets, hearing people celebrate and just thinking about HOW AMAZING it is that we made it through four years of hell and are up on our feet ready to fight back and ACTUALLY make America great again? I can't wait. 

Not to mention we have our FIRST EVER FEMALE VP! That is incredible, and not only the first woman, but also first African American, first South Asian, a daughter of immigrants! Kamala Harris is an incredible inspiration that seriously proves that women can do anything, no matter who you are or where you come from, you have the power to succeed. It is a HUGE deal to finally have a role model for young women to see, "hey, she looks like me, maybe I could do that one day!" representation is everything, and she is the perfect woman to represent! 

2020 just got a whole lot better. Now let's finish it strong by staying home, staying healthy, and working hard for what we believe in!!! 

xo, O


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