Richmond, VA, USA

Is Blogging Dead?

So it's been a whole summer, a whole summer that tumbled into fall as quickly as you can say, "can you believe its October already?" For being in a pandemic, and for the most part staying put, I did in fact have quite the eventful summer. I finished my internship and have been working hard (or hardly working? you decide) on personal things here, hoping to get a job in New York in the new year and i'll plan to move there January 1st! It seems as though dates keep just getting pushed back, but now the holidays are near, covid is acting up again and things are more and more uncertain, i'll be able to hopefully find some certainty in 2021. Who knows what that year will hold! After 2020, truly anything can be possible! So anyway, what do you think? Should I get this baby back up and running? Or is blogging truly dead? I know this post has NO real point but to say, HEY! And, should I return to this platform? Eh who knows, anyway, here's some film from the summer. Xo, O


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