Starting My Job and Other New Things

Good Morning Quarantine Cuties! This week marks my second week of starting my new job at Cherie! I want to be completely honest with you all since I'm officially treating this blog as my ~*quarantine diary*~ (I do still have my actual diary where I am much MUCH more honest but that's top secret, exclusive content, and you can access it with a small payment of $15.95 on my OnlyFans page..... im kidding im kidding...)

So MY JOB! Where we're we... it's TOUGH! I want to start off by saying I absolutely love my team, everyone is SO NICE, super cool, and fun, I can't wait to hopefully get to LA soon to meet them for real. I love our app and blog and what not, but boy was I not ready to play grown ups this soon. Being in school full time, and being three hours ahead, which of course doesn't sound like much, but working some nights until after 11, its a lot.

Also I feel like I'm asking questions 24/7 which I think is annoying, but I know I'm just getting used to the groove of the team and the way they work. I honestly just think that the timing of everything is weird. Ideally, obviously I would rather be IN LA getting started on my job for the first time, this period is just so weird.

You know how you can't read tone over text? Try submitting work for resubmission a million times and not knowing if their reactions are good or bad.... I'm working on being able to take criticism better, but it's a learning curve for sure starting out remotely.

BUT I want to be clear, I LOVE my new job and I'm absolutely JAZZED about starting and the content I'm creating, but I just really, really hate quarantine, as I'm sure most sane people can agree upon. In other news, I made this dress...
I woke up yesterday REALLY wanting a babydoll dress. Well I have been thinking about them for ages, but I literally filled a SheIn cart with 30 puffy sleeved empire waste dresses and then obviously closed the tab because WE DON'T SUPPORT FAST FASHION!! So I decided to challenge myself and make one instead. I didn't totally get the empire cut right, but I do think this dress is super fun and I'm SO proud of myself for trying something new, and not using any kind of pattern either?? The talent, wow.
Anyway, this photo pretty much sums up how I'm feeling since last week, vibes dude.
Until next time, O


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