Hey guys!
I'm super excited to share my AWESOME room redo! This has been the absolute best activity to do during quarantine. I never thought I could put up wallpaper myself, but Photowall seriously made it so easy! They sent me all of the supplies and it was so much fun!
Here's what my room looked like before, as you can see it's kind of all over the place. I was really getting tired of the mix matched aesthetic-less vibe of my room, it was time to bring it all together, this was the perfect opportunity to do so!

There were soooo many different wallpapers to choose from, honestly it was SO hard to decide. You can see some more of my favorites here, I narrowed it down to the Land of Coco paper and I'm in LOVE! It feels like my room is a little forest! Photowall actually has much more than just wallpaper too! Check out their art prints and posters too!
The process was actually pretty easy, like I said, they sent all of the supplies and I felt like a real life pro!! You can see the actual process in this whole video!
Thank you so, so much to PhotoWall! You can get 25% off until June 7th with the code "olivebarrett" and you too can have a room as AWESOME as mine!
Share any photos with me if you end up ordering some paper yourself! Have fun!!
xo, O


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