Graduation Gift Ideas!!

HEY! Happy graduation season everyone! At SCAD we are on the quarter system and actually graduate pretty late, so I guess this is a little belated, but that's okay! Better late than never! Also I'm still in school and I know plenty of high schools are too! SO without further ado, A GRADUATION GIFT GUIDE!! 

I know a lot of times we think money, travel, fancy things, but honestly NO one is traveling these days (or at least I hope you aren't... im watching you) and yes money is pretty great, but it's not super fun to open! So I came up with ten things that personally I think would be great grad gifts! Let's get started :-) 

Also this is my first time ever doing one of these illustration things on a tablet and WOW it was kinda hard! But so much fun! I can't wait to make more! 

1. Something to Remember their College Town- (or hometown if in high school and going off to college obvi) I have worked with Mapiful in the past and really love their stuff! They make some seriously high quality memorable things, you can make any map! So even if you live in the worlds tiniest town, they can make it! Their posters are so cool and are super great decor. I really love this as a gift! 

2. A Camera- graduating is a huge milestone and often means the start of some great new adventures, adventures that deserve to be documented!! So of course a full on DSLR can be kinda pricey, but film cameras have made a TOTAL comeback and are super cheap! I recommend getting a basic digital point and shoot film camera, that way it's more sustainable than a disposable camera, and just as fun!! This site is great for cameras and film at a lower price

3. The Defining Decade- So this is actually a shot in the dark from me because I haven't read it, BUT! I do have it and plan to dive in very soon, and I've seen it over and over again on recommended lists and what not. Apparently it's the perfect book for every grad. Buy it here! 

4. A Meal Delivery Kit- Okay, okay, I had never really been one to use meal kits or get the hype until my last two boyfriends who both got them (hey guys, thanks for all the good food) and they were AMAZING! It was perfect for us because we were always so busy with school, as I would assume any young professional would be too! The food is SO good, most kits give you everything in the exact measurements you need and 100% recyclable packaging, it's amazing. This is a seriously good gift for someone moving to a new city or living on their own dime for the first time, maybe no longer on a meal plan or something, eating out adds up! Some of my favorites are Hello Fresh, Green Chef, Sun Basket, and Dinnerly

5. Graduation in a Jar- I think this is just the cutest idea. We are in such a weird time and most likely, our celebrations aren't going to be how we imagined. Friends and family can't be with us, if you have a grad that you sadly can celebrate with in person due to quarantine, sending a graduation in a jar is SUCH a fun way to celebrate with them without being with them. So in the drawing I added a mini champagne bottle, some money rolled up, a confetti popper and lots of confetti. Obviously you can add anything, the more the merrier! 

6. License Plate Cover- Driving off to college or a new city on your own for the first time? Let the road know you mean business! Every road trip mobile deserves some cool swag of its own, whether its a fun license plate cover, bumper stickers, or a steering wheel cover, if your grad is literally going places, get something to make the journey a little more fun! These ones are fun! 1, 2, 3

7. Send Something Sweet- I saw an add from Baked by Melissa yesterday of mail to order mini cupcakes that said to brighten someones day during this weird time. I absolutely LOVED that idea! I know there are SO many bakeries that mail sweet treats, some of my favorites are Baked by Melissa, Milk Bar, and Jeni's ice cream. This is such a nice way to tell someone that you're thinking of them. Especially something like mini cupcakes, it's a whole party and you can never have too many! A fun way to celebrate remotely. 

8. Electronic Sleeve- Working from home or just going to class I've never had an issue with protecting my laptop, but now that I'm a WORKING WOMAN I'm going to be out and about and I want to make sure all of my things stay safe! I just got a Wacom tablet (what I used to draw these!) and its already scratched up! It's been like three days! I really need a cover for it! This is great for anyone with a commute who has to bring things like tablets, laptops, iPads and what not too and from work. I love these ones! 1, 2, 3

9. A Home Goods Gift Card- so not HomeGoods specifically, but a gift card for a store that sells things for a new home, apartment, dorm, whatever! Most of us grads will be moving out soon, and don't have anything to decorate our new places with since we've been living out of dorms forever! This is such a great gift! I like to shop sustainably, so some places I like are The Little Market, The Citizenry and Package Free Shop

10. Personalized Business Card Holder + Business Cards- Let me start off by saying business cards are NOT old fashioned! I have LOVED giving out business cards over the years and have made some real connections! Also they are essential for interviews, also who knows, coffee shop raffles too because who doesn't want to win an unexpected latte? There are a bunch of good places on Etsy where you can get someone a monogrammed card holder and ordering them is easy too! I think if you are going to give someone the holder, you should probably offer to pay for the cards if they don't already have them too... Here are some cute ones to personalize! 1, 2, 3 

And that's it! I hope some of these were helpful! Congrats Grads!! :-)


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