Graduation Gift Ideas!!

HEY! Happy graduation season everyone! At SCAD we are on the quarter system and actually graduate pretty late, so I guess this is a little belated, but that's okay! Better late than never! Also I'm still in school and I know plenty of high schools are too! SO without further ado, A GRADUAT…


Hey guys!
I'm super excited to share my AWESOME room redo! This has been the absolute best activity to do during quarantine. I never thought I could put up wallpaper myself, but Photowall seriously made it so easy! They sent me all of the supplies and it was so much fun!
Here's what my roo…

Starting My Job and Other New Things

Good Morning Quarantine Cuties! This week marks my second week of starting my new job at Cherie! I want to be completely honest with you all since I'm officially treating this blog as my ~*quarantine diary*~ (I do still have my actual diary where I am much MUCH more honest but that's top s…


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