Savor Every Moment

Good Morning Lovely Human Beings!
Hope everyone is doing well in quarantine, staying healthy, happy, and sane. If anyone ever wants to talk about their experience, how they're feeling or really anything, I'm always here. Just shoot me a DM on Instagram.
So lately I have been thinking a lot…

Quarantine To Do List- Movies, TV Shows, Books + more!

It's day 33 of quarantine for me and I am starting to FINALLY get into a quaran-tine... a quarantine routine if you will. In the beginning I found myself feeling pretty out of whack, unmotivated, and lonely honestly, I'm an extrovert, can you blame me? But having things to do and ke…

Soooo... We're in Quarantine

Hi! You guessed it... it's been a while! As you all know, we are really in a wild time right now. For future me reading this and perhaps someone who may somehow be living under a rock, we are in the midst of a very real, very scary pandemic. The Coronavirus has absolutely rocked our worlds, an…


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