Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Graduation Gift Ideas!!

Graduation Gift Ideas!!

HEY! Happy graduation season everyone! At SCAD we are on the quarter system and actually graduate pretty late, so I guess this is a little belated, but that's okay! Better late than never! Also I'm still in school and I know plenty of high schools are too! SO without further ado, A GRADUATION GIFT GUIDE!! 

I know a lot of times we think money, travel, fancy things, but honestly NO one is traveling these days (or at least I hope you aren't... im watching you) and yes money is pretty great, but it's not super fun to open! So I came up with ten things that personally I think would be great grad gifts! Let's get started :-) 

Also this is my first time ever doing one of these illustration things on a tablet and WOW it was kinda hard! But so much fun! I can't wait to make more! 

1. Something to Remember their College Town- (or hometown if in high school and going off to college obvi) I have worked with Mapiful in the past and really love their stuff! They make some seriously high quality memorable things, you can make any map! So even if you live in the worlds tiniest town, they can make it! Their posters are so cool and are super great decor. I really love this as a gift! 

2. A Camera- graduating is a huge milestone and often means the start of some great new adventures, adventures that deserve to be documented!! So of course a full on DSLR can be kinda pricey, but film cameras have made a TOTAL comeback and are super cheap! I recommend getting a basic digital point and shoot film camera, that way it's more sustainable than a disposable camera, and just as fun!! This site is great for cameras and film at a lower price

3. The Defining Decade- So this is actually a shot in the dark from me because I haven't read it, BUT! I do have it and plan to dive in very soon, and I've seen it over and over again on recommended lists and what not. Apparently it's the perfect book for every grad. Buy it here! 

4. A Meal Delivery Kit- Okay, okay, I had never really been one to use meal kits or get the hype until my last two boyfriends who both got them (hey guys, thanks for all the good food) and they were AMAZING! It was perfect for us because we were always so busy with school, as I would assume any young professional would be too! The food is SO good, most kits give you everything in the exact measurements you need and 100% recyclable packaging, it's amazing. This is a seriously good gift for someone moving to a new city or living on their own dime for the first time, maybe no longer on a meal plan or something, eating out adds up! Some of my favorites are Hello Fresh, Green Chef, Sun Basket, and Dinnerly

5. Graduation in a Jar- I think this is just the cutest idea. We are in such a weird time and most likely, our celebrations aren't going to be how we imagined. Friends and family can't be with us, if you have a grad that you sadly can celebrate with in person due to quarantine, sending a graduation in a jar is SUCH a fun way to celebrate with them without being with them. So in the drawing I added a mini champagne bottle, some money rolled up, a confetti popper and lots of confetti. Obviously you can add anything, the more the merrier! 

6. License Plate Cover- Driving off to college or a new city on your own for the first time? Let the road know you mean business! Every road trip mobile deserves some cool swag of its own, whether its a fun license plate cover, bumper stickers, or a steering wheel cover, if your grad is literally going places, get something to make the journey a little more fun! These ones are fun! 1, 2, 3

7. Send Something Sweet- I saw an add from Baked by Melissa yesterday of mail to order mini cupcakes that said to brighten someones day during this weird time. I absolutely LOVED that idea! I know there are SO many bakeries that mail sweet treats, some of my favorites are Baked by Melissa, Milk Bar, and Jeni's ice cream. This is such a nice way to tell someone that you're thinking of them. Especially something like mini cupcakes, it's a whole party and you can never have too many! A fun way to celebrate remotely. 

8. Electronic Sleeve- Working from home or just going to class I've never had an issue with protecting my laptop, but now that I'm a WORKING WOMAN I'm going to be out and about and I want to make sure all of my things stay safe! I just got a Wacom tablet (what I used to draw these!) and its already scratched up! It's been like three days! I really need a cover for it! This is great for anyone with a commute who has to bring things like tablets, laptops, iPads and what not too and from work. I love these ones! 1, 2, 3

9. A Home Goods Gift Card- so not HomeGoods specifically, but a gift card for a store that sells things for a new home, apartment, dorm, whatever! Most of us grads will be moving out soon, and don't have anything to decorate our new places with since we've been living out of dorms forever! This is such a great gift! I like to shop sustainably, so some places I like are The Little Market, The Citizenry and Package Free Shop

10. Personalized Business Card Holder + Business Cards- Let me start off by saying business cards are NOT old fashioned! I have LOVED giving out business cards over the years and have made some real connections! Also they are essential for interviews, also who knows, coffee shop raffles too because who doesn't want to win an unexpected latte? There are a bunch of good places on Etsy where you can get someone a monogrammed card holder and ordering them is easy too! I think if you are going to give someone the holder, you should probably offer to pay for the cards if they don't already have them too... Here are some cute ones to personalize! 1, 2, 3 

And that's it! I hope some of these were helpful! Congrats Grads!! :-)
Sunday, May 24, 2020


Hey guys!
I'm super excited to share my AWESOME room redo! This has been the absolute best activity to do during quarantine. I never thought I could put up wallpaper myself, but Photowall seriously made it so easy! They sent me all of the supplies and it was so much fun!
Here's what my room looked like before, as you can see it's kind of all over the place. I was really getting tired of the mix matched aesthetic-less vibe of my room, it was time to bring it all together, this was the perfect opportunity to do so!

There were soooo many different wallpapers to choose from, honestly it was SO hard to decide. You can see some more of my favorites here, I narrowed it down to the Land of Coco paper and I'm in LOVE! It feels like my room is a little forest! Photowall actually has much more than just wallpaper too! Check out their art prints and posters too!
The process was actually pretty easy, like I said, they sent all of the supplies and I felt like a real life pro!! You can see the actual process in this whole video!
Thank you so, so much to PhotoWall! You can get 25% off until June 7th with the code "olivebarrett" and you too can have a room as AWESOME as mine!
Share any photos with me if you end up ordering some paper yourself! Have fun!!
xo, O
Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Starting My Job and Other New Things

Starting My Job and Other New Things

Good Morning Quarantine Cuties! This week marks my second week of starting my new job at Cherie! I want to be completely honest with you all since I'm officially treating this blog as my ~*quarantine diary*~ (I do still have my actual diary where I am much MUCH more honest but that's top secret, exclusive content, and you can access it with a small payment of $15.95 on my OnlyFans page..... im kidding im kidding...)

So MY JOB! Where we're we... it's TOUGH! I want to start off by saying I absolutely love my team, everyone is SO NICE, super cool, and fun, I can't wait to hopefully get to LA soon to meet them for real. I love our app and blog and what not, but boy was I not ready to play grown ups this soon. Being in school full time, and being three hours ahead, which of course doesn't sound like much, but working some nights until after 11, its a lot.

Also I feel like I'm asking questions 24/7 which I think is annoying, but I know I'm just getting used to the groove of the team and the way they work. I honestly just think that the timing of everything is weird. Ideally, obviously I would rather be IN LA getting started on my job for the first time, this period is just so weird.

You know how you can't read tone over text? Try submitting work for resubmission a million times and not knowing if their reactions are good or bad.... I'm working on being able to take criticism better, but it's a learning curve for sure starting out remotely.

BUT I want to be clear, I LOVE my new job and I'm absolutely JAZZED about starting and the content I'm creating, but I just really, really hate quarantine, as I'm sure most sane people can agree upon. In other news, I made this dress...
I woke up yesterday REALLY wanting a babydoll dress. Well I have been thinking about them for ages, but I literally filled a SheIn cart with 30 puffy sleeved empire waste dresses and then obviously closed the tab because WE DON'T SUPPORT FAST FASHION!! So I decided to challenge myself and make one instead. I didn't totally get the empire cut right, but I do think this dress is super fun and I'm SO proud of myself for trying something new, and not using any kind of pattern either?? The talent, wow.
Anyway, this photo pretty much sums up how I'm feeling since last week, vibes dude.
Until next time, O
Monday, April 20, 2020
Savor Every Moment

Savor Every Moment

Good Morning Lovely Human Beings!

Hope everyone is doing well in quarantine, staying healthy, happy, and sane. If anyone ever wants to talk about their experience, how they're feeling or really anything, I'm always here. Just shoot me a DM on Instagram. 

So lately I have been thinking a lot about living in the moment. If you don't already know, each year I do a one second everyday video (2017, 2018, 2019). And I recently was complaining to a friend about how boring my one second video is recently. Just videos of me walking my dog, the occasional puzzle, and lots of just hanging out. I even made a clip for the video to say, "hey sorry things have been boring, it's day 1,342 of quarantine, not much is going on." 

I look back on my previous one second videos and really miss those times. The good times, the fun adventures with friends, the belly laughs, the up-all-night dance parties, all good things that make me say, "oh I wish we could go back to old times. I miss pre-corona life." 

When in reality, all of those moments were pretty fleeting. Sure I took a one second video to remember it for times like these, but I know that I rarely took time to take a step back and appreciate exactly where I was in that moment and how great it was, I just lived through it. As most people do... 

But I think instead of complaining about not having "fun quarantine content" it's a really good time to slow down and really appreciate the good things. Really take time to savor every moment in quarantine. Especially when things are so crazy in the world right now. I want to take time to really embrace every beautiful flower I see when walking my dog, or the great accomplishment of finally finishing a super difficult puzzle. 

I think I want to use this time to bring a daily practice of really living intentionally into my life so post corona, I can really truly enjoy those up-all-night dance parties like it's my last. 

Because the truth is, no one saw this coming. No one knew the midnight beach trips, kisses at sunset, and deep talks on the balcony would be the last before quarantine. So instead of longing for a "pre-corona" adventure, look forward to all of the future adventures yet to come, adventures that you will enjoy like it's your last. 

I used to be a big goal setter, a big go getter, not that I no longer try or something like that... but I think right now my main goal is to live intentionally. I want to stop trying to set out of reach goals, but take it day by day. Make others around me happy, know that everyday is a new day, a new chance to learn, grow, move, and groove. A new chance to be happy and grateful for every little thing in this world. 

The future is unpredictable, but I want to challenge you all to start living intentionally, savor every moment, and as cliche as it is, live each day like it's your last. (don't go skydiving and doing crazy things everyday or something, but you know what I mean.)

A movie that I ADORE that covers this topic is About Time, here is a clip about living each day with an intention. If you haven't seen it you MUST, it's on Netflix (also he's a time traveler, so that's why he's talking about living a day twice)

Have a wonderful week <3
xo, O
Monday, April 13, 2020
Quarantine To Do List- Movies, TV Shows, Books + more!

Quarantine To Do List- Movies, TV Shows, Books + more!

It's day 33 of quarantine for me and I am starting to FINALLY get into a quaran-tine... a quarantine routine if you will. In the beginning I found myself feeling pretty out of whack, unmotivated, and lonely honestly, I'm an extrovert, can you blame me? But having things to do and keep me busy has helped a lot with this. So while I wont recommend binging movies, tv shows or tiktoks for hours and hours on end, because that WILL make you feel slumpy. BUT all in moderation right? Right. SO! Here are some recs of things that can keep you busy.


ALL good movies. Some super popular favorites, other underrated icons. Give them all a chance and let me know if you watch any of them and what you think! They all have very different vibes, if you want to laugh but also cry but also feel good Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, oh you want to WEEP? Beautiful Boy and All the Bright Places... Linked above are all trailers, enjoy!  


Believe it or not, that's almost all of the TV shows I have ever seen! Minus childhood classics, I basically just rewatch and rewatch and rewatch my favorites and am so picky about new shows! So if you have any recommendations for ME, let me know! Also, looking back at all these shows, they are all SO similar it's clear that I have a type of TV that I like haha...

Ones I haven't seen but are next on my list:
Unbelievable, Elite, Tales of the City, Maniac, Community and moooooore

I'm going to be very honest here and say that I really do not read that much. I read a bunch last summer during my subway commutes, but honestly I have not had the time since, that is until now! I'm notorious for starting books and simply NEVER finishing. 

BUT Right now I am reading The Upside of Being Down by Jen Gotch and I am DETERMINED to finish! So far it is really good, to give you the brief statement that is also on the cover she talks about, "how mental health struggles led to my greatest success in work & life." Pretty cool! Jen Gotch, if you don't know is the founder of and someone who I have looked up to for years and years. About half way through, I would totally recommend this. 

As far as other recommendations go, some from the past year or so that I enjoyed were:

The first two are AWESOME inspiring nonfiction books, and the last three are all very different. Yes I read a Judy Blume book, she tried her hand at adult fiction and boy was it a wild ride. If you want some mindless reading, check this out 

Also not going to lie, TikTok has gotten me back into my One Direction fanfic phases, so theres also that...




I've been really into puzzles lately. Never have I ever been a puzzle gal until now. I espeically love the vintage collage-y ones! Here are some cool ones I found online that you can order and enjoy for yourself! 

(photo from Pinch of Yum)

Lately I have been baking up a STORM! From cupcakes to coffee cake and banana bread, I've baked a bunch and am LOVING IT! Mainly loving being able to use the stand mixer that my family has, I did not have one of my own at my place in Savannah, so this is super exciting. I think my favorite recipe so far was a banana bread cookie cake I made in our cast iron skillet. It was SO good! I just used the cookie recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag and added two bananas, sooo good. You can follow my pinterest for more recipe ideas! 

Listen to a Podcast

I'm a big podcast girl. Like seriously LOVE them. I listen to a bunch here and there but these are my main ones that I listen to the most, if not weekly. All super different, most quite funny, I definitely like comedy podcasts. 

Walk your dog or Ride your Bike
Getting outside has been super helpful for me in trying to stay on my feet and be positive. Sunshine is a HUGE help when trying to boost your mood. It's hard being away from my friends, but honestly seeing other people out and about either walking their dogs too, walking with family, or whatever just smiling and waving hello is a nice little dose of human interaction! 


Journal because holy crap we are living in a pandemic right now and you are going to want your journal as a memory and first hand experience on how you were feeling, what you were going through, and what's going on in the world. Nothing like this has ever happened in our lifetime, so take note, this is going into history books! Also, it's really therapeutic to get thoughts out onto paper and meditate on how you're feeling. 

Above are some journals that you might like and can order today if you don't already have one! 

DIY Your Clothes

So whether it's with embroidery, tie dye, distressing or what! There are a bunch of ways you can DIY and upcycle your clothes! I really love the painted jeans trend, or embroidering on tshirts and bags. I keep seeing these pop up on my tiktok! Above are some of my faves for inspo :-)

Redecorate your Room
I watched this video from Lone Fox where he did a whole room reno with only things he had in his house. This is something that any of us can do! Especially when DIY comes to play anything is possible!! In quarantine anyone can be an interior designer, anything can happen! 

Netflix Party With Friends
Netflix Party is super cool! Basically it's just a Chrome plug in where a chat widget comes up alongside anything on you want to watch on Netflix! So you and your friends can watch a movie or show together in isolation! And chat in real time! It's so much fun, my friends and I have enjoyed it for sure! You can download it here :-) 

Okay that's it for now folks! I hope you found these helpful or interesting! As always please send me any and all recs as well! DM me on instagram! @olivebarrett :-) 
Stay safe and healthy!!
xo, O

Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Soooo... We're in Quarantine

Soooo... We're in Quarantine

Hi! You guessed it... it's been a while! As you all know, we are really in a wild time right now. For future me reading this and perhaps someone who may somehow be living under a rock, we are in the midst of a very real, very scary pandemic. The Coronavirus has absolutely rocked our worlds, and not in a fun way. Many are losing their jobs, homes, and even lives. This is no joke. 

For a quick update: as of right now, I am in my last quarter of my senior year at SCAD, and unfortunately have had to move home for the remainder of the school year. My graduation has been canceled, as well as all other school events: fashion shows, film screenings, gallery openings, all final shows have been canceled. A pretty big deal for seniors. It's a really tough time for a lot of us. I am on day 27 of quarantine, I have not left the house once besides picking up my prescription once, going on two bike rides, and going back to Savannah to move everything home in less than a 12 hour period.

A lot of people have the mentality that, "now that we have all this time what a better time than now to get abs! Start a podcast! Write a book! Code an app!" While that is all well and good, I just want to remind you that it is TOTALLY okay to take time off. We are going through a life changing experience, it's completely okay to cope in a way that doesn't involve innovation and creation. 

I've noticed a lot of pressure to be creative. Part of me wants to say, "now that I'm in quarantine, I'm going to blog everyday and make videos four times a week and do IGTV everyday!" when in reality, changing up my routine from Savannah, moving home and having to work from home while not knowing what is going to happen next is exhausting physically and mentally. I think I am just going to take my time and take things slowly, and that is okay. 

At first I was really upset at the cancelation of classes and especially graduation, but as COVID-19 gets more serious I am really just counting my lucky stars that I am fortunate enough to be able to be home, safe with my family. I don't know what I would do if someone in my life got infected with the virus, let alone passed away. It's happening to people every minute. So I guess I'm just here to write this little update to say that I am incredibly grateful for my situation, and although it's super scary and difficult to wrap my head around all the tragedy, it's really about taking it day by day. We aren't machines, a time of tragedy isn't a time to be churning out content, it's a time to grieve and process. I'm doing my best to stay healthy, stay on top of my work, and try to adjust to life at home. 

Here's to trying to see the bright side of things. 
Check out my next post sharing movies, music, tv shows, books, and more activity recommendations! 
Please everyone try to stay safe and healthy!
Sending love! 
xo, O
Thursday, February 13, 2020


Today is my FAVORITE holiday of the year! I suppose minus Christmas, just because, dang, I can't be putting candy hearts above family time, something about that feels a little wrong... BUT minus Christmas, Valentine's Day it is by far my favorite. It really has been since I was a kid, I mean come on, what beats crafty shoeboxes filled with candy coated love letters from Jake from homeroom? He only sits one desk away but it feels like you're a world apart when he starts taking interest in Jenny Pulaski more when he finds out that full sized bars were more than just a day-after-Halloween thing in the lunchbox, but ALSO a Valentine's Day thing... Love can be tough, but it's moments like these learnt in our most formative years where we must accept the worlds one golden truth: Jake from homeroom will never be worth the value of a heart shaped gummy krabby patty.

That being said, considering how much of a high ticket item a heart shaped gummy krabby patty is, Valentine's Day must be worshiped, in hopes to once a year be graced with such delicacies.

What am I even getting at here? Yeah basically I love Valentine's Day. Here's one of my outfits!
As you all know, I try to shop mainly secondhand, or sustainably and ethically made. You probably also have noticed two things in these photos many times before. These shoes and this shirt.

I've had this shirt since I was a freshman in college and the shoes since before then! Both are from fast fashion companies. Purchased in a previous life when I was young, unaware, naive, foolish even. But let's be real, I LOVE THESE PIECES! They are some of my FAVORITES in my entire closet!
So why not wear the heck out of them! Sure I'm a blogger, I'm supposed to have all these new, trendy, fashionable things to show you, when in reality I rewear a LOT of the same things, why? Because I LOVE THEM!

And I LOVE being sustainable even more, getting my use out of something I already have, especially if it came from a fast fashion manufacturer is super important. We must be conscious about every purchase, and do our best to make the things we buy last! So wear them until  you can't anymore!
This Valentine's Day, besides showing your S.O. love, give love to some older pieces, forget going out to stores to buy a brand new VDay look, my guess is you've already got the perfect ensemble in your closet just waiting to be loved! I have faith in you! 

Happy Valentine's Day lovebugs! 
Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Making 2020 POP!

Making 2020 POP!

HEY! Trying to figure out how to start this post, what to write, what to say... I know I want to mention something along the lines of, "hey, hey its 2020 let's kick it off with a pop, bang, boom!" Ya know something like that... Something about how I'm back at school, it's week two, things are already off to a good start, busy, but good.

I've got a LOT going on this quarter and a lot planned, for starters, classwork is insane, I have plenty of projects due, practically two in every class each week. In addition to that I want to grow my portfolio so I'm aiming to do a new photoshoot / creative project every week for that. I took some photos this past weekend that I'm very proud of, looking forward to sharing it with y'all!

Anyway, this post is short and sweet, but I basically just wanted to say hey, I've got a lot going on this month and I'm very excited to kick it off with a bang! Here's to us!
That's all for now... short and sweet as always xo, O