Thursday, February 13, 2020


Today is my FAVORITE holiday of the year! I suppose minus Christmas, just because, dang, I can't be putting candy hearts above family time, something about that feels a little wrong... BUT minus Christmas, Valentine's Day it is by far my favorite. It really has been since I was a kid, I mean come on, what beats crafty shoeboxes filled with candy coated love letters from Jake from homeroom? He only sits one desk away but it feels like you're a world apart when he starts taking interest in Jenny Pulaski more when he finds out that full sized bars were more than just a day-after-Halloween thing in the lunchbox, but ALSO a Valentine's Day thing... Love can be tough, but it's moments like these learnt in our most formative years where we must accept the worlds one golden truth: Jake from homeroom will never be worth the value of a heart shaped gummy krabby patty.

That being said, considering how much of a high ticket item a heart shaped gummy krabby patty is, Valentine's Day must be worshiped, in hopes to once a year be graced with such delicacies.

What am I even getting at here? Yeah basically I love Valentine's Day. Here's one of my outfits!
As you all know, I try to shop mainly secondhand, or sustainably and ethically made. You probably also have noticed two things in these photos many times before. These shoes and this shirt.

I've had this shirt since I was a freshman in college and the shoes since before then! Both are from fast fashion companies. Purchased in a previous life when I was young, unaware, naive, foolish even. But let's be real, I LOVE THESE PIECES! They are some of my FAVORITES in my entire closet!
So why not wear the heck out of them! Sure I'm a blogger, I'm supposed to have all these new, trendy, fashionable things to show you, when in reality I rewear a LOT of the same things, why? Because I LOVE THEM!

And I LOVE being sustainable even more, getting my use out of something I already have, especially if it came from a fast fashion manufacturer is super important. We must be conscious about every purchase, and do our best to make the things we buy last! So wear them until  you can't anymore!
This Valentine's Day, besides showing your S.O. love, give love to some older pieces, forget going out to stores to buy a brand new VDay look, my guess is you've already got the perfect ensemble in your closet just waiting to be loved! I have faith in you! 

Happy Valentine's Day lovebugs! 
Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Making 2020 POP!

Making 2020 POP!

HEY! Trying to figure out how to start this post, what to write, what to say... I know I want to mention something along the lines of, "hey, hey its 2020 let's kick it off with a pop, bang, boom!" Ya know something like that... Something about how I'm back at school, it's week two, things are already off to a good start, busy, but good.

I've got a LOT going on this quarter and a lot planned, for starters, classwork is insane, I have plenty of projects due, practically two in every class each week. In addition to that I want to grow my portfolio so I'm aiming to do a new photoshoot / creative project every week for that. I took some photos this past weekend that I'm very proud of, looking forward to sharing it with y'all!

Anyway, this post is short and sweet, but I basically just wanted to say hey, I've got a lot going on this month and I'm very excited to kick it off with a bang! Here's to us!
That's all for now... short and sweet as always xo, O