Only 8 days until Christmas... yeah. Wait, what? Who knows, not me. I totally thought that over break I was going to have all the time in the world to get back on my blog game, actually finish the book I'm reading, do some sketching, totally clean out and reorganize my room, and you know, just get my life together all while ~*relaxing*~ but what ended up happening? I got a job, I film a new video basically everyday that brings far more stress to me than I had imagined, I have to help around the house, I'm hardly sleeping. How much of my book have a read? Practically none. How much of my room have I organized, oh, absolutely none. So Christmas is basically tomorrow and I still have zero gifts, waiting on that first paycheck, wahoowa, and have done nothing festive.

So here we are, it's New Years and I'm bringing you my first holiday look post. I wanted to do this a whole lot better, but life just got in the way. Curse you, life... Anyway, as always, I'm freaking obsessed with this dress, it's the light of my life, if I could wear one dress for the rest of my life and then promptly die in it it'd be this one yadda yadda yadda...
Saunders and I went to Quirk yesterday to take these photos and I simply got off of work too late and spent too long getting ready that we had lost all the natural light coming through the windows and had to make do with the weird lighting of the Quirk Hotel at a just barely 4:50pm sunset. I obviously wanted to shoot here because it's always been SO festive in the past (1, 2, 3) but for some reason this year there just weren't as many decorations. And on top of that we eventually got kindly kicked out unless we wanted to pay a photoshoot fee... that's new. But nonetheless we got what we needed, you've seen the dress, my new haircut has surfaced the face of the blog, and we've gotten at least ONE holiday shoot under our belts, so I'm as satisfied as I can be. I'll be back... I promise... but for now, SLEEP. xo, O


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