Hey! How long has it been? Eighteen years? Something like that, yeah. So I realize this is kind of my thing, leaving my blog for a while and then coming back with some ~*deep*~ post about being in a transitional time in my life, full of stress, work, and me just being busy, busy, BUSY! I don't want to come on here now, after all this time and rant to you, again like I always do. I mean... It's not not true, I am very busy and stressed, but I just want to welcome myself back in.
Well... Welcome myself back in with the full knowledge for you all that I most likely won't be sticking around. You see, back when I was in high school blogging was a lot easier, I had motivation to succeed in a world where the expectations for me to succeed professionally were much lower than they are now. So I feel like I must always have high, high quality content and something very insightful to say, otherwise what's the point? Do you remember my Four Word Thursday segment I used to do? It was when I literally had NOTHING to say and would just say four words and that was somehow enough. What? Can't relate. This was a legitimate blogpost I was proud of, what!? A much simpler time clearly.
Why can't now be a just as simple? In a world where everyone craves to be famous, wants to go viral overnight and just has to have it alllll, why can't we just all share our content without expectations of being the best. I still do full on photoshoots, I still have rich, valuable things to say just as much as I have random tidbits and little happenings I want to share. Life doesn't always have to be a reach for success, it can just be life. I talk so much about trying to be my best and do more, more, more, but why don't we recognize those moments when all we really can bare to do is put in the absolute least amount of effort and have that be rewarded too? All I'm saying is, I want to be more casual, WAY more casual around here, and on Instagram and YouTube too. Not making any commitment to posting or giving you any false promises, simply stating that I hope to see you around here more often, and expect minimal effort, expect real life, and real problems, and real tiny victories because that's life. So here's to that? Cheers.
Xo, O


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