Hey RVA!

pants- Buffalo Exchange // top- Trunk Up Boutique // glasses- Oui Fresh //

I'm HOME?! Hey, I'm just as surprised as you are! It feels like just yesterday I was announcing my move to France. This year has been one full of moving, changing, learning and growing and it's not even close to over.

New York was absolutely fantastic. There were highs and lows, but I felt so inspired there and ready to take on the world! Being surrounded by so many people constantly on their own hustle made me want to go go go!
For now, I have a few weeks back home before I begin my next adventure of senior year. Typically I would be going straight to Savannah so I could get started right away on that adventure, but due to family and transportation, I've got to stay here for a little longer than expected. But perhaps it's for the best.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves, or even force ourselves, to take a step back and rest. As creatives we, at least I, often feel the need to constantly be producing, working, and creating, but sometimes it can be a bit draining. It is important to listen to yourself and know when to slow down and just spend time on yourself, whether that be at home, or some place new.

While I'm home for these next few weeks, although I do feel like I have a lot to do (of course) I am going to make a conscious effort to relax and take time to really reset before I go back to school so I'm ready to take it on.
So I'm home, but you didn't think I could leave New York with out doing some thrifting did you? These pants are my new FAVORITES! They came from the Buffalo Exchange in NoHo in New York City! As you all know, Buffalo Exchange is one of my favorite stores. They offer a giant variety of recycled fashion, it's sustainable and stylish! What's more to love?

Buffalo Exchange has MANY locations so no matter where you are, check it out and go get your shop on! AND be sure to check out my thrift with me video to get a taste of some of the fun you'll get from shopping there!

SO! Happy shopping and relaxing, retail therapy is a thing right ;)
Xo, O


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