Do You Like or Like Like Me?

Happy Friday Babes!! 
I'm going to get right into this, word on the street is Instagram has plans to disable the like feature to be viewed by users other than oneself. I wanted to write a little blurb about that and get your thoughts! 

Instagram has built a world where we often find ourselves basing our worth off of something intangible, likes. Of COURSE I am guilty of this, the more likes I get, the better I feel not only about my content, but myself! Posting a photo of something I'm super proud of and it doesn't get that many likes? I'll take things personally and go as far as feeling offended. What about posting a photo of mySELF?! A flood of likes? MEGA CONFIDENCE BOOST! Little to no likes?! INSTANT HURT! 
Naturally, taking away likes would possibly take away the comparative toll it takes on our mental health, but that serious topic aside, what about how it will effect content creators and influencers? Some think it will be a big issue and hurt a lot of brands and bloggers. My opinion? It's the best thing Instagram could ever do.

As a small creator I am constantly frustrated by numbers because I KNOW my content is good, and yet somehow I am not getting the likes to represent that. Taking away likes levels the playing field for all content creators. I get denied from working with companies all the time because I don't get enough likes when in reality, to totally toot my own horn, my work in my own not-so-humble opinion is just as, if not BETTER than a lot of the influencers who pose with products in front of a white brick wall and deem that as good content while I'm spending hours on stop motion animations and full on videos or photoshoots?

no shade, but like.........................shade.
Leading our lives surrounded by likes that define our worth is toxic and unfortunately something undeniably addictive. Perhaps my opinion is unpopular, but I want to start a conversation about this! Bigger blogger babes what do you think? Aspiring content creation creators what do YOU think?

For the longest time I admitted to caring about likes for the sole reason being the ability to grow, collaborate, be seen by the algorithm, and literally EVERYTHING ELSE IN BETWEEN that has to do with being a blogger. It has been TOUGH, growing is HARD, making content that wants to be seen is FRUSTRATING! This begs the question how the algorithm will change, perhaps it will be chronological again? I hope!!
This post was more of a quick little rant than anything, but it's sort of me just putting my thoughts out there and I want to hear yours!! DM me on Instagram to keep the conversation going! 
Xo, O


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