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I'm writing this to you from my unmade bed in my unkempt, half packed room wearing two, (two?) ((yes, two)) bathrobes, trying to think of some type of useful information to share with you all at 12:39 am that is worth your time...

That's the thing with blogging I've realized lately, I am constantly torn between the age old quality over quantity argument. You see, part of me has been lead to believe that it's quantity that is better for a blog, it boosts engagement, it increases my views and clickthroughs, especially if I'm consistent with the quantity of my posting, posting on a regular schedule and what not.

But then the other part of me thinks that quality is much more valuable. I want people to see me as more than, "hey guys, I've really been loving this new sweater lately! Here's the link to buy it, use my 20% off code in checkout! Bye!" partially because that gets old pretty quickly, but mainly because I am so much more than that.
There are so many sides of me, of course blogging, fashion blogging in particular, is deep in there at the core of things, but my roots are infinite and I stretch and grow much further than my core. There are stormy parts, sunny parts, hurricanes, rainbows, all the weather patterns you can tie to an analogy, I've got it.

I don't post much on here anymore, I'm not going to deny that. Does that mean that I can no longer take the title of "fashion blogger?" If you sell paintings for a living, and then don't sell one for three years, are you still a painter? I think so, right?
My point is, I'm growing, changing, trying to figure out just exactly what it is I want to do in this world. I graduate this (school) year. My future is a head of me. Will I be a stylist? Creative director? Influencer? Content Creator? Social Media Manager? Popstar?! That last one is sort of far off, but you NEVER KNOW!

I am starting to question my place as a blogger in this world where there are so many larger problems at hand. Our president is insane, the Amazon is on Fire, women STILL aren't being payed equally to men, people are dying EVERYDAY from shootings, racism is alive and thriving fueled by hate. The world is a mess, how can I sit over here and simply discuss discounts and designer?
I try to use my platform and voice in a positive way, but it can be defeating when there is little to no change in the numbers, in fact, LESS people than ever are reading my blog, looking at my Instagram, and watching my YouTube videos... way less. It's discouraging, ESPECIALLY when I have opinions, thoughts on change, ways to help, move, plan, and create! 

What's the use in trying to show the other sides of me and trying to make change or an impact when I feel so small? Every time I post on here I post with intention to do it again and again and again, today, tomorrow, the next day, and the next and the next. But I get distracted, I want to post about fashion, but I feel selfish and self-righteous when posting about handbags and headbands when there are people dying in the world. What do you think?

xo, O 

Don't get me wrong, I read lots of fashion blogs and do have LOTs of respect for fashion bloggers, this is just my personal opinion about myself.


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