All clothes from Tori Radday's Depop

How?! HOW is it that TOMORROW I drive down to Savannah to begin my senior year?! In one bound to fly by week, I will be waking up early to embark on my LAST first day of school, like, ever. That is if I don't completely fail out of SCAD at the last poss…


all clothes available via Tori Radday's Depop
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I'm writing this to you from my unmade bed in my unkempt, half packed room wearing two, (two?) ((yes, two)) bathrobes, trying to think of some type of useful information to share with you all at 12:39 am that is …

Hey RVA!

pants- Buffalo Exchange // top- Trunk Up Boutique // glasses- Oui Fresh //

I'm HOME?! Hey, I'm just as surprised as you are! It feels like just yesterday I was announcing my move to France. This year has been one full of moving, changing, learning and growing and it's not even close to…

Do You Like or Like Like Me?

Happy Friday Babes!!  I'm going to get right into this, word on the street is Instagram has plans to disable the like feature to be viewed by users other than oneself. I wanted to write a little blurb about that and get your thoughts! 
Instagram has built a world where we often find ourselves …


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