A Note to my Future Self

suit- Adore Me // glasses- Oui Fresh // earrings- Bershka 

Good morning! This is it, I am in the final stretch. Today I took one last exam, and completed two other final presentations, I still have one more presentation and a few papers to write. Needless to say I am exhausted, I was working in my room today after class and I just fell asleep at my desk, right there, right in the middle of working. I've forced myself out of the house in attempts to hold myself accountable of staying awake by being in a public place. And what do I decide to do? Procrastinate by blogging... lol what else is new...

These photos I took the other weekend with my friend Cassie at the cutest hotel here in Savannah, The Perry Lane. It's seriously the BEST! More photos coming soon! Looking at these I want NOTHING more to really be that girl in the pool, relaxing, sipping a "I don't care what it is, can you just make it cute?" drink poolside. SOON! So so soon will I be able to relax like this. I just have to get through the madness of finals, the madness of St. Patrick's Day, the madness of moving out of my apartment and packing up for France, traveling all around, and THEN relaxation.

So dear me, be patient, good things are coming. Soon, SO soon.
Until then, I'll keep hustling, working hard, embrace the sleepless nights and get it DONE! Until then, xo, O


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