Hello! Today is January 21st, in exactly one week I will be 21!!!!!! WILD! So 18, sure big deal, you're an "adult." 20, yeah, whatever you're like "a little more adult", but TWENTY ONE?! That's like full throttle, no turning back, stop asking for grocery money, get a job why don't you adult!!!

And although I am STILL terrible at money management (can't stop, won't stop buying cookie dough brownies from the coffee shop next to my apartment, sorry not sorrryyyyy) and that whole part of adulting scares the living daylights out of me, I cannot WAIT TO BE A REAL TIME BIG SHOT ADULT!

It's only ONE week away! I don't even like alcohol and don't really drink that much but you better believe I'm going to be drinking some kind of fancy thing and slapping my ID on the table like I own the place. Check it baby, it's legal. 
SO! seeing as it's one week out, today is the day we start the iconic BIRTHDAY CHRONICLES! 
For those of you who are new around here, I have been doing The Birthday Chronicles ever since I started my blog, basically it is a mini bucket list of some simple, some more exciting things I want to get done, one everyday before my birthday. 

I used to do it for my entire birth month, but that was intense, sooooo one week it is! 
Let's get into it.
1. INDULGE in cookie dough brownies
2. Explore uncharted territory
3. Wear all the colors of the rainbow
4. Take some out of the box photos
5. Have an AWESOME 21st birthday photoshoot
6. Sing ABBA songs at karaoke
7. Drink a fancy cocktail and get carded! ;-)

LET'S DO THIS! 21 here we COME! xo, O!


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