Get On Your Feet...

sports bra // leggings // jacket

...Get up and make it happen!!
The wonderful words of Gloria Estefan inspired me for this shoot with Old Navy!

Hello!! Summer is winding down, a time to hit the books, get back to work, and for a lot of people, that comes with falling into the regular old routine. BUT just because summer is over, that doesn't mean you should stop being active! You know me, and you know I'm not necessarily athletic, however I love to get up and get moving! This September when I head back to school I know I will be very busy, tempted to use free time to just hang out and relax, but it is so important to stay active and moving!

Old Navy has such a wide selection of active wear, perfect for whatever you do! Maybe it's going to spin class, maybe it's going on a jog, or walking your dog, being out with friends, or maybe you're a student and are seriously in LOVE with how comfortable everything is and will just be wearing Old Navy activewear to class all the time! I'll be guilty of that for sure!! This season, they have leggings, shorts, sports bras and more in the coolest patterns and colors.

Ya know, when I used to go to barre class, everyone would be in all black, but when I'd wear my colorful Old Navy leggings I would get SO many complements! People loved them just as much as I do! So, do yourself a favor and go get yourself some activewear from Old Navy.

Also... this jacket?! OMG it is so amazing, I'm obsessed.


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