I'm a Blogger, and You Can Trust Me

photo by Liam Graham  more photos from this shoot coming soon! <3

Hello loves!
I hope you all are well, I have been settling back in to my groove since being back in Savannah about two weeks ago, I am happy to be here! This post isn't necessarily the "welcome back" post that I had…

Get On Your Feet...

sports bra // leggings // jacket

...Get up and make it happen!!
The wonderful words of Gloria Estefan inspired me for this shoot with Old Navy!

Hello!! Summer is winding down, a time to hit the books, get back to work, and for a lot of people, that comes with falling into the regular old routine. B…

Why What I Do is Hard

Warning: very wordy, somewhat ranty post below.

Hello hello! Happy Labor Day, the holiday where work stops and all of America heads to the nearest water source in attempt to soak up the last bit of sun before Summer ends, as always though, work doesn't stop for me. Not even on a holiday. Actua…


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