Dress- ASOS // Skirt- ASOS // glasses- Thrifted

Happy Friday! I'm super excited to share these photos with you guys. I have been passing this carwash every day for the last few weeks, since I noticed it I KNEW I had to do a shoot there. It was such a bright yellow and I loved the texture of the walls. Not only did I want to take photos there, but I wanted them to be kind of funky. More editorial-esque than just a regular #ootd.

When Ally came over to go shoot and I showed her this outfit her reaction was some kind of laugh and, "okay? what?" I guess she wasn't expecting the puffy skirt to be over the dress rather than under. But I was in the mood for something different.

Not much else of a life update to share, I'm just super happy with these photos, I really hope you love them like I do! I'm obsessed with the bright colors and movement in every one!! What do you think? Do you like more fun outfits and playful shoots, or classic ootd posts? Let me know! xo, O

p.s. fun fact: in the photos where I am in front of the wall with the holes, I am actually standing on a very small edge, in unsteady heels holding on for dear life through the wall! Ally stood below me to get each shot!


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