top- Rainbow // pants- Hong Kong Lady's Market // shoes- Hidden Fashion
All photos by Stephanie Whitman  shot in Ironclad Coffee Roasters, Richmond, VA

Tip #1: Find the cutest nearby coffee shop to seek shelter, proceed to take photos of your bomb outfit to pass time while drinking an iced chai because even though it's rainy, it's still hot as Hades.

Tip #2: See tip #1, for that is all that is relevant.

Hey guys!!! It's been a while since I have done an actual non sponsored, plain ol', plain ol' outfit post. Today I'm taking it back to my roots! Which, of course, I love. I spent Saturday with my other fellow blogger gal Stephanie of the blog She Saw Style which, as always, you should totally check out, she is a one of a kind gem! The day was great, we shot two outfits, dodged the rain, and totally caught up on all things blogging, instagram, and of course, her wedding! She is getting married this fall and I'm SO excited for her! No but seriously, Steph and I could talk analytics for hours... it's dangerous.

In other news... how KILLER is this outfit!? Sorry none of the stuff is really linkable, I am kinda shady like that, I know, I know. But SERIOUSLY! I am all about a statement sleeve lately, and absolutely love how it has a high-low hem, something that was so in about six years ago and is making a bit of a comeback. It's perfect for the front only tuck. As are polka dots and loafer-type shoes!! I'm just head to toe in trends in these pics and to say I look great would be an understatement. Modest I know, confidence is what really sells the outfit though, right?

What hot trends are you loving lately? xo, O


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