Friday, August 24, 2018


Dress- ASOS // Skirt- ASOS // glasses- Thrifted

Happy Friday! I'm super excited to share these photos with you guys. I have been passing this carwash every day for the last few weeks, since I noticed it I KNEW I had to do a shoot there. It was such a bright yellow and I loved the texture of the walls. Not only did I want to take photos there, but I wanted them to be kind of funky. More editorial-esque than just a regular #ootd.

When Ally came over to go shoot and I showed her this outfit her reaction was some kind of laugh and, "okay? what?" I guess she wasn't expecting the puffy skirt to be over the dress rather than under. But I was in the mood for something different.

Not much else of a life update to share, I'm just super happy with these photos, I really hope you love them like I do! I'm obsessed with the bright colors and movement in every one!! What do you think? Do you like more fun outfits and playful shoots, or classic ootd posts? Let me know! xo, O

p.s. fun fact: in the photos where I am in front of the wall with the holes, I am actually standing on a very small edge, in unsteady heels holding on for dear life through the wall! Ally stood below me to get each shot!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


dress- thrifted // glasses- OuiFresh // shoes- Forever 21

Good Morning lovelies! I hope everyone's week has been treating them well so far! I feel like it just started, and yet it is already Wednesday, time is flying by! I will be back in Savannah in no time, that is so crazy to me! I am really looking forward to this year and getting back into the swing of things.

Since going to Hong Kong, it's been forever and a day since I've been at my SCAD home base having a routine and what not. I have a tough quarter set up for me when I get back though, that's for sure. Four classes (we are only supposed to take three), all on the same day, back to back to back to back... Oh man... But! I'm excited! Living in my first ever apartment! With my best friends! In one of my favorite cities! What could be better than that?
In other news, I LOVE this dress. I got it the other day from Goodwill, on National Thrifting Day actually! And ya know what? I made a video all about it too! Watch it!
Huge thanks, as always to my blogger bff Stephanie for taking these photos of me in a greenhouse! I've always wanted to shoot in a greenhouse, so when she suggested it I was SOLD! Don't you just love these photos? Where should I shoot next? xo, O

Sunday, August 19, 2018


top- Rainbow // pants- Hong Kong Lady's Market // shoes- Hidden Fashion
All photos by Stephanie Whitman  shot in Ironclad Coffee Roasters, Richmond, VA

Tip #1: Find the cutest nearby coffee shop to seek shelter, proceed to take photos of your bomb outfit to pass time while drinking an iced chai because even though it's rainy, it's still hot as Hades.

Tip #2: See tip #1, for that is all that is relevant.

Hey guys!!! It's been a while since I have done an actual non sponsored, plain ol', plain ol' outfit post. Today I'm taking it back to my roots! Which, of course, I love. I spent Saturday with my other fellow blogger gal Stephanie of the blog She Saw Style which, as always, you should totally check out, she is a one of a kind gem! The day was great, we shot two outfits, dodged the rain, and totally caught up on all things blogging, instagram, and of course, her wedding! She is getting married this fall and I'm SO excited for her! No but seriously, Steph and I could talk analytics for hours... it's dangerous.

In other news... how KILLER is this outfit!? Sorry none of the stuff is really linkable, I am kinda shady like that, I know, I know. But SERIOUSLY! I am all about a statement sleeve lately, and absolutely love how it has a high-low hem, something that was so in about six years ago and is making a bit of a comeback. It's perfect for the front only tuck. As are polka dots and loafer-type shoes!! I'm just head to toe in trends in these pics and to say I look great would be an understatement. Modest I know, confidence is what really sells the outfit though, right?

What hot trends are you loving lately? xo, O

Monday, August 13, 2018


Hello my beautiful readers! Today I am stepping out of my comfort zone and into some CUTE undies from Bootay Bag! If you don't already know (which you should) Bootay Bag is an underwear subscription service, that for a low price you can get sexy undies and sometimes bralettes every month! Not into monthly subscriptions? You can actually just order from their "extras" sections online to pick and choose what you want :)

These photos were sort of crazy to take, we were in back alleys, dodging pedestrians and surprisingly made it out with no eyes seeing us, or my booty... but honestly I was loving it. These undies are so sexy yet fun that I was feeling confident and fly!!

Seriously you guys, you need to check out Bootay Bag, they're the best!
Go, go, go!

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Saturday, August 11, 2018


Hey Hey! I'm excited to start a new segment here on the blog all about boycotting FAST FASHION! I'll have a greater, deeper post all about the horrors of fast fashion and why it is SO IMPORTANT to not shop it later... BUT! as a quick brief, fast fashion comes from companies we all know and love like Forever 21, Zalful, Romwe, H+M, and even Target, TJMaxx, and so SO many more. These brands cycle through clothes and products SO fast to keep up with the current trends, they create heaps of waste, workers are not treated well AT ALL and most horribly, there is a detrimental impact to the environment.

And look, as a disclaimer I AM NOT PERFECT! Half of my closet is from fast fashion companies, some of my BIGGEST brand deals are with fast fashion companies, but I am working towards change, which in my opinion is most important. We have to at least TRY. Another topic I will touch on in the future.

I know what you're thinking though, "Olivia, how can we shop 'slow fashion' if it's so expensive?" This is exactly why I am starting this segment with this post, because the fact of the matter is, sustainable, slow fashion can be EXPENSIVE. Like hello $400 dress that's vegan and made to order. It's hard to be convinced of something so big when the potential outcome will burn a gaping hole in your pocket. WELL here I have for you some brands that I really like, that you can actually AFFORD!! They are all sustainable and not RIDICULOUSLY expensive! Take a look :)
There are a few things I really like about Everlane. First that they stand for being "radically transparent" which means they share all their information with the customer, and it's the information you like to see, like their usage of ethical factories, sourcing the finest materials and more. Second, they aren't about trends, they are about quality over quantity, meaning that they are made to last and aren't making to waste. Third, and not so much to do with their actual clothes, but browsing around their site, I noticed that none of their models are airbrushed, and are of all sizes, something really admirable for a company.
shop underwear here // shop shirt dress here
Peoples Tree is proud to be one of the first fully fair trade fashion brands ever. All of their products are hand made by artisans around the world who are being paid well and are supported by the fair trade standards of the world. They work primarily with organic fair trade cotton farmers, producers, garment workers, and artisans in the developing world to help create "a new type of fashion business"
shop romper here // shop button up here // shop peplum top here
Starting out as a small menswear company, Thought's main goal back in the early 2000s was to make thoughtful clothing that is lightweight, feels good on, and feels good to buy, knowing that you are supporting an ethical and sustainable practice of making. The biggest point for Thought in my opinion is that they use natural fabrics made to order. Coming from plants like naturally grown bamboo, hemp, cotton and wool, which are naturally just better for the Earth than plastic based fabrics you find in most stores. Their motto is, "Wear me, love me, mend me, pass me on" The clothes are meant to last a long time, and the motto is a reminder to look after what we own with care.
shop yellow top here // shop chambray top here // shop jumpsuit here
Mayamiko is so much more than their amazing textiles and fun silhouettes. They are a superstar brand! Not only are they 100% vegan, but they are also a zero waste, solar power using, locally sourced, package conscious, tree planting, and wash conscious company. Seriously guys this is the company to look into. They are constantly working to lower their carbon footprint and do well by the ways of the Earth. On their site you can see all of their makers, and who they collaborate with, they are transparent and trustworthy, everything you want in a brand.
shop jumpsuit here // shop tie front dress here // shop shift dress here
Able does have more than shoes, BUT I wanted to highlight them as being both affordable, adorable, and ethical and the only brand I have featured that has some fabulous shoes. Able is a fantastic brand by women, for women giving women a second chance at a better life. Creator of Able, Barrett Ward noticed while living in Ethiopia that many woman would resort to prostitution in extreme poverty when they had no other means to support their families and themselves. Ward wanted to change that, giving woman a better, safer job and would eventually get them out of the ruthless cycle trap of poverty. Now, when you buy from Able, you are supporting all women and giving them a new chance in a healthy work environment.
shop yellow mules here // shop brown sandals here // shop booties here // shop bow heels here
Similar to other brands I have featured here, Alternative Apparel is proud to be a fair trade, eco friendly brand. They use organic cotton, post-consumer recycled polyester, low impact dyes, and eco friendly packaging. And they are the perfect company for lounge wear. It's so important to buy all/most clothes through slow fashion, not just statement pieces, and you can never leave out the comfy clothes. Clothes like t-shirts and other loungewear is actually some of the biggest contributors of waste through fast fashion. But more on that later.
shop hoodie here // shop sweat pants here
Not only is Dazey a handmade to order company, minimizing all waste, but they are also a fantastic company made to empower women! Graphics are hand drawn and designed by creator, Dani Nagel who sets out to spread good vibes to women. She touches on political issues, mental illness, female empowerment and so much more. Her graphic tees go beyond any other graphic tee, they have meaning and a story behind each one. All made start to finish in Los Angeles, DazeyLA is proud to be a 100% slow fashion, locally sourced brand. They now even have feminist tees for men too, because feminism is for everyone! Heck yeah!
shop She is We tee here // shop Stand for Something tee here // shop normalize nips tee here
Lastly, Stava. An activewear company made sustainably and made to last. Stava is proud to source their fabrics from only the most ethical places. Workers are treated fairly and ethically in India and proceeds of every purchase go back to workers, supporting a more healthy and comfortable life for them. Every fabric is made from organic cottons and other plant-based, natural products. Satva is the activewear company you can trust.
shop top here // shop leggings here

I could go on and on about which brands to buy and not to buy, if you're looking for the cheapest alternative, there is ALWAYS Goodwill and other thrift stores, when in doubt, shop second hand, that is the best and easiest way to recycle clothing, and at least in my experience, I find the BEST thing at thrift stores.

More to come on this topic, I am super excited to get this started here. It is so important and there really no time to waste with it, you can never be overeducated when it comes to ways to help our planet. So with that in mind, stay tuned for more soon! Happy shopping!! xo, O