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Hey hey! Notice some changes around here? Not only the layout but the name? Yeah... It is a long story, a story that I am finally ready to tell, TODAY!

If this is your first time here, congrats! Welcome! Stay a while!
But if not and you're used to the blog All Those Little Things, sit back, relax, and accept the change, it's good!
Way back in December of my freshman year of high school I was sitting in study hall with my best friend Ally when she showed me all the cool blogs she followed, I was so inspired I wanted to start one too. But of what I had no idea. Beauty evolved into travel, which evolved into lifestyle, which left me in a slump wondering what the heck I would blog about since none of those previous topics were things I was actually passionate about, but what I was passionate about? Fashion, and All Those Little Things fashion blog was born.

Where'd the name come from you ask? Basically all I have to back that up is the fact that I was a HUGE One Direction fan and named my blog after my favorite song, Little Things. Simple as that honestly.

But I will be completely honest, even though I had to (and I'll get to that) I had played around a bit with changing my blog name to Olive Barrett. My Instagram name is @OliveBarrett, and the rebrand to make things more cohesive seemed to make sense, but I wasn't ready to commit.
It wasn't until I went to Hong Kong when it became necessary. I started to notice glitches whenever I would post and tag the location as Hong Kong, my posts would quit out and I would have to pick up from whatever old place it autosaved. It was annoying but I didn't think much about it.

About three weeks into being abroad, my blog completely shut down. Umm, excuse me WHAT?! I know, it was so frustrating. It wasn't until a bit later when I found out that Google Domains doesn't actually host blogs that are located in certain countries, Hong Kong was one of those... frustrating.

I suppose someone had been watching my site in hopes that I would one day forget to pay for my domain, or ya know, move to Hong Kong, because the moment it disabled, someone swooped under me and bought it! They tried to sell it, probably hoping I would buy it back, but the starting bid they set was for over SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS! Too much, way too much. I love my blog but just between us, I have a little over $75 in my bank account on a good day.
It wasn't until I got home from Hong Kong when I was able to make the call to Google and figure out what the heck was up. They told me that the only thing I could do was to buy a new domain. On the phone with the helpful customer service gal, she gave me what felt like two split seconds to think of a new domain name so I just spit out Olive Barrett!

But I'm actually glad I did. I had been thinking of it for a little bit, and since I changed my email I was due for new business cards anyway. So lots of things are in for some change, I'm actually quite excited about this you guys!! And hopefully you are too! I honestly can't imagine that any of you are or were incredibly attached to the name All Those Little Things and are offended in any way? Maybe some Directioners, but I don't know how that would even play out, we are all on the same team here! It's the same me, same style, same spunk, same love for brunch and pugs, same me!

So subscribe to email newsletters, follow me on Instagram, you won't want to miss a post! This is going to be good you guys :) Until next time, xo, O!


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