Richmond, VA, USA


Hello to everyone who may or may not see this.

As I'm sure you noticed, while I was away my blog basically deleted itself. Why? Well Google Domains brilliantly does not host blogs that are in certain places, Hong Kong was one of those certain places, which as I'm sure you can imagine, has been incredibly frustrating!

I have tried and tried and TRIED to make it work, but alas, nothing worked. I'm home now (weird, and more on that coming soon) but hopefully Google Domains will catch on and support me! I pay for the domain each month, so fingers crossed this will work again! I need my blog, my blog is my baby!!

This is a quick post, but I just wanted to say hello, I am home, and I'm ready to get this blog back up and running! Here's so US! Here's to being in the US! See you SOON, xo, O


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