Good afternoon lovely humans! It has been two days since returning home after spending the last three months studying abroad in Hong Kong. If you've been following me for a while you'd know my blog has been down for quite some time, more on that later, but I am back!

I thought for a bit on how I would share my adventures with you all, I think I am just going to share a little poem type thing I wrote a week or so ago. My time in Hong Kong flew by and it would be nearly impossible to explain everything, so hopefully this short little bit will do. Enjoy, xo, O
Hong Kong is an uphill hike and a burnt tongue on scolding soup dumplings.
It's getting lost in alleyways and stairwells yet somehow still knowing where to go.
It's humid days and bustling nights, traffic jams through Soho, headphones crossing the bridge, money conversions and spurges.
It's small talk with strangers over lunch, accidentally breaking vegetarianism and sweating until my socks are wet.
Hong Kong is an overcast sunset and an overdressed tourist, a mural on a corner and a chocolate covered strawberry gummy.
It's sparklers after midnight while wading in the water of a rocky beach, a vanilla soft serve swirl dripping down hands with chipped nails.
Hong Kong is feeling buzzed standing on the top of the world drinking something fruity and not worrying about what's next.
It's a peeling sunburn, a broken umbrella and sesame seeds sprinkled over rice noodles all wrapped up into one.
It's the smile of a sleepless doorman when your Octopus card still isn't activated.
It's rushing around to catch the last bus before midnight, the toxic smell of durian, getting better at the art of chopsticks, breaking the bubble tea seal, walking seven miles to get to a crystal clear beach, 3am facetimes, a crowded MTR, and getting stuck behind a slow pedestrian.
Hong Kong is a place I will never have enough time to fully explore.
Full of life and adventure, I'm sad to say my time here has come to an end.
Hong Kong I love you.


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