Hong Kong

Seeing Spots

top- Realisation Par // shoes- Old Navy // pants + glasses- Ladie's Market Hong Kong // socks- Target

Good Morning! Okay wow, so this is my first EVER outfit post in Hong Kong!! It has been a while since I've done an actual outfit post, I feel like lately it's either been school projects or sponsored posts, feels good to be getting back to my roooots.

This past weekend my friends and I were exploring some markets here in Hong Kong. We went to The Ladie's Market, which is basically knock-off heaven. Something that I probably shouldn't be supporting in retrospect, but it was SO fun to bargain, get some stellar knock-offs and be proud of how much money you didn't spend. While there, I got these pants, sunglasses, and a VERY convincing Fajall Raven Kanken backpack which I'm really excited about, I have always wanted one. Also, my new glasses look like Gucci glasses, I'm satisfied.

Don't worry though, I know what you're thinking, "what the heck, you're in Hong Kong and all we get to see is an outfit post with an enticing background?' I know I KNOW... I'm collecting some photos from my first week and such and I will share some more in depth posts about what life is like here. I promise!! Also! Don't forget, you can watch my life evolve here on my YouTube channel!  I will post videos of things from room tours to weekly vlogs there, you won't want to miss out, subscribe! But also don't look past how cute I looked in this spotted outfit yesterday... just sayin'...
We'll talk soon! xo, O


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