Stress Free

top- Brandy Melville // bodysuit- Target // shoes- Miz Mooz

Hello from the pit of finals week! Currently I'm listening to Kali Uchis procrastinating my butt off while I really, seriously have WAY too much work to do before tomorrow. I recently picked up a minor in Fibers, which don't get me wrong it's so much fun, but it is just SO MUCH WORK! It's all good y'all (or at least that's the lie I'm telling myself when maybe I should be worrying...) After tomorrow I'll officially be on break, which I'm so excited for, even though it will be me scurrying around packing and panicking doing everything for Hong Kong last minute... Again, it's all good...

This past weekend, which feels like years ago, I got together with Austin Anderson (@austinwho on instagram) who's actually from Memphis, TN but just visiting for his spring break. The morning we shot this it was early early early, and oh so freezing, we made it work though.

Anyway, this post is mainly just to show off these photos, I really should be getting back to work...
I'll be honest though, I may be somewhat absent until I'm in Hong Kong due to the stress of finals, packing up, lots of traveling and such. I know myself and I know that in the moments when I am free, I'll want to just spend time with family or slugging around enjoying the sweet sweet luxury of being lazy that I haven't felt in months!!
I'll see y'all when I see y'all! xoxo, O
 top- Zara // jacket- Levi's // shoes- Miz Mooz


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