Gold Coast, Hong Kong

New Adventures

Good Morning from Hong Kong! Wait, what was that..? I'm where?! You read that right folks, Hong Kong. And I'll be here for the next three months. Full of excitement, nerves, curiosity, and adventure I'm sitting in my luggage-less room in the same outfit I flew the last twenty four hours in. Not even the fact that my bags are somewhere floating around Asia with out me is bringing me down right now. I mean how can it? I'm on my new bed, in my new home, looking out at this incredible new view.

Today I begin to write one of the most anticipated chapters of my life yet; studying abroad in Hong Kong. Flash back to seventeen year old me standing in a room full of strangers and brown nosers learning about SCAD, and more importantly their study abroad program. It was that night, ironically sitting in a P.F. Chang's with my dad (foreshadowing? I think yes) when I declared to him, knowing nothing about any other schools, already making my decision that, yes, I'm going to SCAD and "my sophomore year I will study abroad in Hong Kong." Years later, however this time lacking P.F. Chang's lettuce wraps in my stomach, I'm here. I'm actually here! 

So here's to the new, saying yes to just about everything and living my life to it's absolute fullest on my biggest adventure yet. I will document as much as I can, but most importantly, I will genuinely soak it all up. I'll write, I'll look, I'll buy ferry tickets to tourist-less places, I'll eat street food I can't pronounce, I'll get blisters, I'll pull all nighters, I'll do it all! Here's to everything, xo, O


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