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If you read my Valentine's Day Outfit Guide, you'd know that Valentine's Day is truly my favorite holiday. No joke! I'm a super romantic and an absolute sucker for love. With a soul fueled by romcoms and pixie stick sugar in my veins, I was basically built for Valentine's Day and all things ooey gooey chocolatey and oh so lovey-dovey!

That being said however, I don't know why I didn't get this post up to you sooner, and more V-Day posts out in general. One excuse I find pretty valid is that: I'm a student with zero time (an exaggeration but go with it) to DIY, create, bake, collaborate, or really anything other bloggers do for holidays in advanced simply because I'm too busy doing things that in my life right now unfortunately matter more.

BUT! I did manage to create this post! And ya know you take what you can get, so don't throw any riots or anything about it, okay? Thank you. It's a classic post to say the least, three styles of outfits for three different gals this V-Day.
This Valentine's Day whether you're doing a picnic in the park with your S.O. or a ladies brunch, this outfit gives off Parisian vibes head to toe. Perfect for any occasion where you're not too casual yet not too dressed up, and you know there will be pics afterwards. Especially in an outfit of mainly one color, it's important to mix textures to add some flair.
Any excuse to get dressed up is always a good one. If you're going on a date with your boo, they already know how beautiful you are, no need to go with anything too extravagant to try and impress them, all they really care about is Y-O-U. But of course, we all know that doesn't stop any fashionista! Wearing a simple elegant dress, color to fit the V-Day mood of course, with statement jewelry says it all. Wow your date with your classic beauty this Valentine's Day.

not pictured: great red heels.
We all have that friend who claims they could care less about the day of luv, but secretly we all know deep down they want in. I mean who doesn't?! If that's you this year, play it cool, you're a casual Valentine. Rock a laid back look with a subtle Valentine's Day themed graphic tee and pops of the holiday color. Possibly it says, "oh, today is Valentine's Day? huh I guess I just got lucky wearing red!" or it could say, "Yeah you know, I'm not a huge fan of the holiday, but I'm never opposed to a celebration." Like I said, you're a casual Valentine, no harm in that, play it cool... play it cool...
What will you be wearing this Valentine's Day? Comment down below!! Be sure to peep my Instagram for my V-Day ootd posted tomorrow! xo, O


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