Savannah, GA, USA


HEY! Long time no see.... lately life for me has been all over the place, no joke. Endless all-nighters, staying up until three and waking up at seven, photoshoot after photoshoot after project after work after work. It's a lot. But that's sort of always how it is after midterms when everything seems to speed up 0-100 real quick. Finals are coming up, Hong Kong is coming up, a lot is happening in my world really fast, thus not being hard to slow down for a blog post.

But with the literal five minutes I have (!!) before I head off to another shoot, here are some photos from a lookbook I did for my friend Kat for The Manor.
It's all about styling pastels in your wardrobe when transitioning from winter to spring. Despite my tired eyes and dark circles, I do really love how these photos turned out, let me know what you think in the comments section below! Have a great rest of your weekend. Xo, O
(I was sneezing in this photo)


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