Savannah, GA, USA

MELLOW YELLOW w Rainbow Optx

Good Morning gang!
Hope you're all well, happy Monday! Yesterday I spent the afternoon with friends, to get these photos Matt and I both got all wrapped up in a big yellow sheet on the windiest day ever at the beach. The wind, although somewhat tough to work with, did end up working to our advantage. Thanks wind :)

I've partnered with Rainbow OPTX for this post. Sharing the hottest trend: colored glasses! We've all heard of rose colored glasses... and those are fun, but who says the fun has to stop there! Rainbow OPTX has glasses in tons of different styles and colors all at very affordable prices! With spring and summer coming up, you're going to want some of these shades to rock everyday.

Here I'm wearing the yellow round glasses. Now especially with my blonde hair I think yellow is my color, and the round frames really work well with my face shape. What shape of glasses work best for you? Try them all at Rainbow OPTX!

Have a great week!
Xo, O


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