Savannah, GA, USA


glasses- Oui Fresh // earrings- T. Marie Designs // top- American Apparel // overalls- Forever 21

Howdy y'all!

It's day two of The Birthday Chronicles! Today's chronicle was to go to one of the tallest places in Savannah and watch the sunset, light sparklers and have a good time! This was a process though let me tell you... Today (of course) it was one of the windiest days in all of Savannah wind history, I mean maybe not, I haven't checked my almanac or anything, but it was super windy, you get it. So naturally, one would presume that trying to light anything on fire would present itself a challenge. That's not to mention all I has was a 30 cent lighter from a gas station that was basically juiceless!

Regardless of the challenges mother nature threw at us, John (John shot these for me) and I had a great time shooting. Everyone and their mother had the same idea too, we weren't the only ones taking photos at this very parking garage. Guess it's a popular spot! I've actually shot here in the past with my friend Julia...

You can see that post here. I've been reminiscing a lot lately, thinking about how I'll be twenty in only a few days, it's crazy that that post was written over a year ago. It feels like just yesterday and yet ages ago, I've grown and changed so much since then. Wild what one year can do! But more on that later ;) xo, O



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