Richmond, VA, USA


jacket + glasses- Forever 21 // dress- Junk Mode // shoes- Hidden Fashion

Good Morning! If you didn't already know this, pink is my favorite color. I take every chance I can to deck out in it. So hooray! Look at me rolling into 2018 doing things I love! Go me!! But in all realness, I got together with my friend Stephanie of She Saw Style yesterday and she took the most stellar photos of me! No joke, they're all super duper dope. OH! And if that isn't enough for it to be the best shoot ever, we also saw irrelevant yet still AMAZING star Frankie Muniz, so just let that sink in, be jealous, it's okay. We are basically celebrities now by association. NBD.

This is a pretty quick post I know, and I apologize, but I've just been so busy (cut to me irl making pasta listening to the same only okay Harry Styles song on repeat complaining about how bored I am) I've got things to do y'all. Like watch 13 Reasons Why and take baths and stuff. REAL HARD WORK!

BUT regardless of all my nonhardhard work I have to do, seriously be on the lookout for more photos from my shoot yesterday with Stephanie bc they are great! Will be up on the blog in the next few days :) xo, O


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