Entire outfit thrifted
Photos by Stephanie Whitman

Howdy Folks!
Let's be real... this outfit is to die for. But let's talk about it a bit. I have had these pants for years, but have NEVER really found the right outfit for it. I've been sort of self conscious in them or who knows what, I just haven't had the guts to whip em out. I always will style an outfit with them, and then just second guess myself!! But I've decided to face my fashion fears and just GO FOR IT! And let me tell you, I felt so fierce in this outfit. I was sort of channeling my inner Billie Eilish, and loving it. I got so many complements on my whole outfit and felt like a total ten!

Here's the thing, why don't we all face our fashion fears? It's a new year, which is the perfect time for starting fresh and trying new things!! Dare to break free from the norms and wear what makes you happy rather than just playing it safe all the time! At Dia&Co. they strive to make women feel comfortable in what their wearing, while still stepping out of their comfort zone.

Dia&Co is an online clothing retailer geared towards plus sized women that helps customize the perfect wardrobe for YOU! All you have to do is take a quick survey, and they'll set you up for fashion greatness! Although I'm not plus sized, It's important for women of all shapes and sizes to be able to feel comfortable in something that they want to wear!! Check it out and let me know what you think! xo, O


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