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Good Morning loves!

This past long weekend, my friends and I decided to take a last minute trip to Charleston, South Carolina. We want to make this quarter the best one yet by doing something fantastic every weekend. What a better way to kick that off by a mini road trip to Charleston! Very similar to Savannah, Charleston is the home of southern charm, "y'all", colorful old architecture, and bright green palm trees even when it's cold.

Naturally seeing as it was a long weekend and people tend to travel, it was pretty crowded, nothing too bad though. We got their in the morning just in time for brunch. We bopped in and around some shops, drank decadent hot chocolate and took loots of photos, most on film, which ended not even being in the film camera... practice makes perfect I guess though right? Right.

So as far as this guide goes, I'm going to highlight the places we went and talk a little bit about those, and then suggest some other places that we didn't make it to, but everyone and their mother seems to love according to other travel guides...
The Park Café: We arrived in Charleston and went straight here for brunch. Boy oh boy was it delicious. All five of us ordered different things and seriously everyone's food looked so so good.
The atmosphere was so so nice too. And what's brunch without nice atmosphere? Honestly... not worth it! lol But seriously, they had big big windows, plants everywhere, it was all so light and airy, a very pleasant brunch spot.

Butcher & Bee
The Macintosh
The Darling Oyster Bar
Black Tap: We drove to this adorable coffee shop after a while of walking off our delicious breakfasts. Seating is somewhat minimal, but we were able to make it work at the community table. And although slightly over priced, (but what coffee shop isn't these days...) it was well worth it. Be sure to try their banana nutella popover, seriously I wish I had a lifetime supply of these, it was SO good. It's a bright spot in a nice residential neighborhood, for sure give it a try.

Sugar Bake Shop: When walking around on Cannon Street, we stopped in here to see what it was all about. Cupcakes!! You're hit with a wonderfully sweet smell just walking by, so we had to go in. I wanted to try something new so I got a chocolate orange cupcake. To be honest I wasn't a fan, but I'm not knocking this spot entirely, it was adorable and would for sure go back and try another flavor of cupcake. 

King Street: Looking to spend more money that you don't have? Head to King St. for all the boujiest of boujee stores, designer fashion stores, high end makeup boutiques, and local artists that spend a fraction on what they make for what they sell. BUT! Regardless, it's fun to pop into all the different stores! We did lots of window shopping, which is always fun.

Candlefish: Looking for something fragrant to spice up your home? Some fire hazards? Something to really set the mood? Yes? In that case... Candlefish is the place for you! This shop is the home for all the best smelling candles I've ever smelt in my entire life. Not only do they sell candles, but also other home decor type things. Be sure to stop in, it's right off King St.
Mac & Murphy: Mac & Murphy was like heaven if heaven were a tiny store for me. They sell all things paper. So greeting cards, stationary, notebooks, and then things related to that, so desk items, pens, pencil pouches, they've got it all! I fell in love with the lil spot, and hopefully you all will too!
Indigo & Cotton: Right across the street from Mac & Murphy, this is a higher end mens clothing boutique with really great stuff mostly made in the USA. Matt was able to snag some things that I think will seriously last him a long time. Gents, don't pass this spot up.

Bikes: we didn't take advantage of this due to the chilly weather, however, when I go back to Charleston, I will for sure take one of their bike share bikes out for a spin. I think this is such a great way to explore any new city! So fun, and the fact that their bikes are so so cute makes it even harder to resist!
Rainbow Row: If you've ever seen photos of Charleston, you've probably seen Rainbow Row. Right in the heart of downtown, these are the oldest standing connected row of their style houses in the south. Does that make sense? I think that's what I read on the placard... hahaha. You can read it when you visit! And take many photos there too...
Angel Oak Tree: You might think this is nerdy, but I kid you not it is amazing. This is one of the oldest largest trees, like... ever. Be sure to get there mid day though, because the hours are off on their sign and they will kick you out (lame) But there are little tables and such, so going there and having a picnic under the tree is not out of the question, in fact that is exactly what I plan to do next time!
Overall our trip was a LOT of fun. I'm so grateful to live near to many cool places that are only a short road trip away! I cannot wait to travel to more spots and share more travel guides! Do you guys like posts like this? Let me know! I'll have a video diary up on my YouTube soon too!! Stick around xo, O


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