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HELLO! HAPPY 2018! Can you believe it?! 2018 already, honestly I kind of can't... SO much happened in 2017, however for the world it kind of sucked if we are being honest here. The standards are beyond low for 2018, but just you wait I'm going to blow it out of the water with how fantastic I make it! Get ready!
Here are some of my resolutions and plans on how I'm going to do so. 

Practice Self Love
It's about TIME I stop being so hard on myself, and more accepting of what I have, do and who I am. 

Blog Everyday!
Because I know I can. This upcoming quarter my schedule is set up perfectly to do so. I have managed to give myself a free day every other day with no class obligations. That way I'll be able to really get serious about blogging. So sign up for that email list y'all, you don't want to miss a single thing. But hey... if I can't I won't be too hard on myself because life does happen.

Vlog Weekly
The same goes for YouTube. Because I know I can. One vlog weekly and a Sunday video. I'm READY to just blow up my social media (in a good way of course)... Stay tuned.
Constantly Create
If I have an idea I need to stop thinking about it and imagining how good it could be and just DO IT. I gotta get up on my feet and do that photoshoot, make that dang music video and just go for it because no one is doing it for me. 

Branch Out
Not only with people, but with conversation, activity, everything!! It's high time to try new things, stay curious and hungry. Continue to learn new things and keep an open mind with everything.

I have ALWAYS wanted to go on a road trip with friends, what a better time than now?! I'm working on planning exactly where I want to go, I'm thinking up the west coast, but I sort of also want to just do a middle of america tour. It's in the works... 

I'm going to HONG KONG! You heard that right... This spring I'm studying abroad in Hong Kong and am SO JAZZED about it! But that's not it, I plan to travel all around Asia, hitting up Thailand, Tokyo, maybe even Indonesia, who knows!! I want to do it all. 
This summer, besides driving around seein sights and all, I'm going to do it, I'm going to move to New York and get that internship FINALLY. It's going to be the best summer ever. I'm going to be a working girl doing what I love in my favorite city ever. Not sure exactly what that will be yet, but I've been applying and I'm SO ready to be accepted. 

This year I am determined to be more active in politics, I'm going to go to more rallies, protests, marches, all of it! You name it and I'll be there. My voice will be heard this year, change will be made.

Take Breaks
Know that yes, being busy and active all the time is all well and good, but that it is also SO okay to take time to myself and relax. I also want to take breaks from social media, and my phone. I hate that I constantly check it and I just with I could be at peace with everything. In 2018 I'm going to take time to myself to go off the grid and relax when I need and want to. 
As of right now that is all... I know people can tend to be hard on themselves with New Year Resos but this year I'm just using them as guidelines for my year. At the end of it all I just want to be able to look back on this year and be able to say honestly, "yes, that was an amazing year. I was happy and I had so much fun."

So on that note I guess I'd say my #1 resolution is to
That's all I want. I can't wait to look back at it and say I did :)
Happy New Year everyone, I hope this year is just as fabulous for you as I know it will be for me, xo, O


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