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Hello for the second time today! I haven't done an outfit post in 5ever, I'm very happy to be getting back in the game. And once again, I'm back working with Trunk Up Boutique!! I collaborated with Trunk Up my first time this past summer, you can view that here. I really love all their clothing, not only is it local for me, but it's super cute, comfortable and trendy.
Today I'm going to show you how I styled one dress three different ways, and not all as dresses!
This dress gave me all the bohemian vibes, so for my first look I paired it with a flowy scarf, and some natural toned tights and booties. I realize it's winter now, however, this outfit would be perfect for a fall day spent outdoors, or all summer long without the tights! It's very versatile.
When I took on the challenge to style this dress three ways it was exactly that: a CHALLENGE! But I decided to be creative and "deconstruct" the dress. By unbuttoning, turning it around and folding it down you can tie the arms in the back and create a nice maxi skirt!! This look is also quite versatile, you can wear it with pretty much any top and accessories! With the color pallet of this "skirt" I decided to go with something more peachy, but you could really pair it with something blue, green, yellow, black, really whatever!!
Finally, for a more edgy outfit, I unbuttoned the dress fully and wore it as a long cardigan paired with a bold all black outfit with some statement booties!

The thing that I love about Trunk Up is that they have so many basics that can be worn in so many different ways! Be sure to check out their site, they seriously have so many cute clothes for every type of woman, whether your style is more boho, simple and sweet or edgy, Trunk Up's got you covered.

What are you waiting for? Go shop it up! It's the season of giving, but don't forget to treat yourself ;)
xo, O


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