CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? Today marks SIX FULL YEARS of blogging!! How crazy is that?! Honestly, I am so incredibly proud of myself for this accomplishment. My blog has brought me so many amazing things in my life-- jobs, scholarships, friendships, a BUNCH of free stuff! (lol) But seriously, I have my blog to thank for so many great opportunities and what not. This year, although I do wish I had posted a bit more, was a very, very successful year. I can't wait for the seventh year to be even better!
I always love looking back on my all time top posts and seeing what y'all like to look at! These are my top viewed posts of ALL TIME! year after year it's always that last post "Bae" with photos of hot guys, I can see what y'alls REAL priorities are!!!

Back to School Styles with Warby Parker // Self Portrait // Traipsing Around Town with a Camera and a Girl Named Leney // Body Backlash // Oh Fall Photoshoot! // Blogger Besties *EDIT* Collage is messed up, this is supposed to be, Pool Party // Mod & Soul xATLT // Bae
As for this year, these are the top of the top viewed posts! Some of my favorite shoots too, glad we are all on the same page :)

Savannah Spotlights // New Now // SCAD Fashion Show Street Style // Magic of Vulnerability // Blogger Besties (didn't mean to have this in there twice sorry) // Queen of Pops // Applications Now Open: Searching for the B to my V // Blossom // Pool Party // NYC photo diaries // Beach Babe // Spin City
It was a successful year on Instagram as well!! You all really seem to like my boyfriend (hey I do too) and my more serious photoshoots, YAHOO!! My feed transitioned to be more colorful, which I loved, but it seems as though everyone really likes the darker photos! Hmmm... Give me a follow to stay tuned!
And lastly, I really picked up my YouTube channel, which was STELLAR! I gained quick popularity with my college series videos, but am still working to gain subscribers and viewers! I am working on doing weekly vlogs each week, as well as a classic YT video every Sunday!

Overall this year was a huge success for All Those Little Things! I cannot wait to see what year seven has in store for me :) I look forward to even more collaborations, exciting photoshoots, and so much MORE!!

Thank you to everyone who reads :) I really cannot begin to thank you enough honestly, you mean the world to me. You're part of the reason I continue to do what I love to do!! Keep reading, commenting, and sharing, thank you from the bottom of my heart <3 xo, O


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