HAPPY (almost) NEW YEAR!! Only hours now until it's officially officially 2018. How crazy is that?! So much is going to be happening in my world in 2018, but hey, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Let's look back on 2017 and all the highs of the year! Yes okay, there were highs and lows, but right now we are just going to focus on the highest of highs! Let's get into it :)
Back in Savannah 

After ringing in the new year at a questionably fun party in the middle of nowhere Virginia with my friends, the celebration didn't really start until I shortly there after went back to Sunny Savannah to start my second quarter of my freshman year. It was a good quarter! I made lots of friends, memories, had some stellar classes, and did lots of fun photoshoots. Overall it was a great time.
Woman's March on Savannah

I marched in the Woman's March! Well in Savannah, I WISH I could have gone to Washington, but alas... The March on Savannah was honestly so moving and special though. I am SO glad I marched. I've honestly gone to as many protests and marches that I could have in Savannah and it is seriously so important y'all, let your voices be heard in 2018!!
I'm Nineteen!

I turned nineteen! Which was cool I guess! One more spin around the sun for me! Woohoo! (Can you believe I'll be 20 this year though?! Now that's wild to me!)
Seeing Red

I started getting more involved in photoshoots and collaborative projects with other students around SCAD. Pretty nifty! I got t to start collecting some model shots for a portfolio!
Ally in Savannah

Ally came and visited me in Savannah for the first time and we had an absolute BLAST! I'm so BEYOND lucky to have a best friend as special and fun as Ally. Seriously y'all, you should be jealous.
Intro to Fashion Design Final Project Video

I created a BUNCH of cool things in my classes freshman year. Things that I was and still am super proud of! One of my favorite things about SCAD is that 99% of the time projects that I do are projects that I absolutely LOVE! So to SCAD, thanks for keeping me active and constantly creating fun exciting things.
Postcards From Nags Head

I had the most fun during our annual family beach trip to Nags Head, North Carolina. Every year everyone gets together and we have the BEST time ever. I can't wait to see what's in store for this years beach week... Shenanigans for SURE
New York Bogs

Towards the end of the summer I quit my job, hopped on a bus and went to New York City!! Best decision ever. No joke this was the best week of my life.
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Flash forward to September! I headed back to school with my expectations VERY low. Let's just say the end of Freshman year was not too great, so naturally, I was nervous to start a new year. BUT boy was I wrong. I had the BEST quarter yet!! I made my now best friends, and just had so SO much fun this past quarter, I can't imagine myself at any other school. I'm exactly where I need to be!
Meet Matt

Oh yeah! I totally fell in love with a new guy this year and like a lot of the other things in this post, I seriously could not be happier!! We've been dating for four months now and every day is so much fun when I'm by Matt's side. (heheh cheesy but TRUE)
 Teen Vogue Summit Day One

I traveled to Los Angeles, California for my first ever and THE first ever Teen Vogue Summit! I met the most inspired, passionate, supportive girls and femmes and am so excited to see what we all do to create, innovate and mack change in this world! Watch out 2018, we're coming for you!

After a great Christmas the celebration wasn't over yet... My blog turned SIX!! This was huge for me y'all. I'm so proud of all that I've done and what had come from All Those Little Things. It makes me SO happy to be able to bring readers like YOU inspiration, joy, advice or whatever every day. Seriously you guys, I am so so happy, I love what I do. 

On that note, I cannot wait for another year of all this. Blogging, adventuring, creating, innovating, exploring and SO MUCH MORE! Thanks for sticking with me. 

See ya next year ;) xo, O


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