Sunday, December 31, 2017




HAPPY (almost) NEW YEAR!! Only hours now until it's officially officially 2018. How crazy is that?! So much is going to be happening in my world in 2018, but hey, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Let's look back on 2017 and all the highs of the year! Yes okay, there were highs and lows, but right now we are just going to focus on the highest of highs! Let's get into it :)
Back in Savannah 

After ringing in the new year at a questionably fun party in the middle of nowhere Virginia with my friends, the celebration didn't really start until I shortly there after went back to Sunny Savannah to start my second quarter of my freshman year. It was a good quarter! I made lots of friends, memories, had some stellar classes, and did lots of fun photoshoots. Overall it was a great time.
Woman's March on Savannah

I marched in the Woman's March! Well in Savannah, I WISH I could have gone to Washington, but alas... The March on Savannah was honestly so moving and special though. I am SO glad I marched. I've honestly gone to as many protests and marches that I could have in Savannah and it is seriously so important y'all, let your voices be heard in 2018!!
I'm Nineteen!

I turned nineteen! Which was cool I guess! One more spin around the sun for me! Woohoo! (Can you believe I'll be 20 this year though?! Now that's wild to me!)
Seeing Red

I started getting more involved in photoshoots and collaborative projects with other students around SCAD. Pretty nifty! I got t to start collecting some model shots for a portfolio!
Ally in Savannah

Ally came and visited me in Savannah for the first time and we had an absolute BLAST! I'm so BEYOND lucky to have a best friend as special and fun as Ally. Seriously y'all, you should be jealous.
Intro to Fashion Design Final Project Video

I created a BUNCH of cool things in my classes freshman year. Things that I was and still am super proud of! One of my favorite things about SCAD is that 99% of the time projects that I do are projects that I absolutely LOVE! So to SCAD, thanks for keeping me active and constantly creating fun exciting things.
Postcards From Nags Head

I had the most fun during our annual family beach trip to Nags Head, North Carolina. Every year everyone gets together and we have the BEST time ever. I can't wait to see what's in store for this years beach week... Shenanigans for SURE
New York Bogs

Towards the end of the summer I quit my job, hopped on a bus and went to New York City!! Best decision ever. No joke this was the best week of my life.
Follow Me on Instagram!

Flash forward to September! I headed back to school with my expectations VERY low. Let's just say the end of Freshman year was not too great, so naturally, I was nervous to start a new year. BUT boy was I wrong. I had the BEST quarter yet!! I made my now best friends, and just had so SO much fun this past quarter, I can't imagine myself at any other school. I'm exactly where I need to be!
Meet Matt

Oh yeah! I totally fell in love with a new guy this year and like a lot of the other things in this post, I seriously could not be happier!! We've been dating for four months now and every day is so much fun when I'm by Matt's side. (heheh cheesy but TRUE)
 Teen Vogue Summit Day One

I traveled to Los Angeles, California for my first ever and THE first ever Teen Vogue Summit! I met the most inspired, passionate, supportive girls and femmes and am so excited to see what we all do to create, innovate and mack change in this world! Watch out 2018, we're coming for you!

After a great Christmas the celebration wasn't over yet... My blog turned SIX!! This was huge for me y'all. I'm so proud of all that I've done and what had come from All Those Little Things. It makes me SO happy to be able to bring readers like YOU inspiration, joy, advice or whatever every day. Seriously you guys, I am so so happy, I love what I do. 

On that note, I cannot wait for another year of all this. Blogging, adventuring, creating, innovating, exploring and SO MUCH MORE! Thanks for sticking with me. 

See ya next year ;) xo, O
Friday, December 29, 2017


HEY! This post that you are about to read is a VERY IMPORTANT post!! In this post I'll be introducing you to a very important person in my life right now. My boyfriend!
Meet Matt. Matt is a super cute, inspired, clever, funny, talented, all around fabulous guy. This post may seem some what random, but I want to fill y'all in on my life and Matt is a pretty big part of it, so I decided, what the heck, let's introduce him to the world!
A few weeks ago, Matt came and visited me in Richmond, we took some cute pics while out and about around RVA, so here they are (warning: a lot of them are very similar but I couldn't just pick one). And here is a little bit of our story cause I'm an ooey, gooey, ushy, gushy, sappy, gal full of love and I want everyone to know about us!
SO! Here goes nothing...
Matt and I met last spring in our Art History class. I'm going to be completely honest with you all here so buckle up. At the time I was still dating some one else, so keep that in mind. That day, that first day of class we were doing some strange ice breaker and our professor asked Matt what his favorite movie was, he said LaLa Land. Almost immediately I whipped around (I'm a nerd and always sit front row center, Matt is too cool for that so he was behind me) because I loved LaLa Land and had to know who this mystery man was. And there he was, wearing some SCAD tshirt, looking like a goob and I thought to my self "well crap... this is going to be bad"
Like I said, I was in a relationship, and seriously had zero intention of getting to know this dreamy boy for that exact reason. But then those intentions vanished when he would without a DOUBT be on the same bus as my roommates and me every single morning before class. He turned into the "guy from the bus", until one morning when for whatever reason Cher (my roommate) and I were singing Christmas carols, it was a jolly morning, I don't really know, and sort of got his attention. I was talking to her like, "I swear to you, that's the guy from our class!" and she was like "No way it's not" and then when we walked to the same room together I was like, "TOLD YOU SO!" which required and explanation to the guy from the bus. During our break in the middle of class we did just that, sort of explained ourselves, with the carols too and whatnot. Then we sort of became friends. 

The four of us (my roommates, Matt and I) would ride the bus together in the mornings, Cher and I (Alli ((other roomie)) wasn't in Art History with us, but rode the same bus) would hang out with Matt and some other people during class breaks and just laugh, talk about random crap, and have a good time, get lunch after class and just be friends. We invited him to study for the mid term with us but didn't have his number, so just hoped he'd remember and show up. After that numbers were exchanged between the few of us, we'd eat meals together, study and all that jazz. We were all friends! 
It wasn't until finals that I realized I was falling in love with Matt (!!!!). This was a yikes for the soul reason that, hey! I was in a relationship, a long distance relationship might I add. However I stayed completely faithful and said I would never, ever cheat in my life. Even though on long nights spent up way past any kind of bed time talking about everything and anything for hours, I understood why people would cheat. And this sounds SO BAD but hear me out, I was absolutely falling for this guy, and I was not happy in my current relationship.

We would be standing in between our dorms late, late, late at night (early in the morning actually) and just saying our last words before good bye and I kid you not in my brain it was a battle. CONSTANTLY "Kiss him!" "NO!" "KISS HIMMMM" "NO!" Y'all the struggle was REAL. No, I never kissed him. I did stay completely "faithful" to my then boyfriend but oh man, did I want to be with Matt.
Luckily that was during finals and I was able to get out of there and go home before making things weird or bad or I don't even know what. Although, I thought the feelings would just stop, I tried to convince myself that these feelings were just the absence of my ex, and just lust, but nope not the case. We'd (Matt and I) talk every now and then, but god forbid, if my ex saw he would get upset, making me delete messages, stop all contact, and even delete apps. He (My ex) didn't trust me one bit, even though I trusted him whole heartedly yet of course he persisted to cheat on me throughout the summer, but that's a whole other story I will probably never get into.

My ex broke up with me in August which was, surprisingly for how toxic the whole relationship was, incredibly difficult, heart wrenching, and just not a good time for me. I was going through so many emotions and so much constant confusion. I needed to get out of Richmond and do something for myself. This is when I decided to go to New York City.

A few days before my trip I decided to reach out to some friends who lived in or near NYC to meet up, get some food, hang out, and just see the city together. I met up with a good amount of people that made me happy. Matt was one of them. He came into the city with the intention of going to Coney Island with me for maybe a few hours. Due to bad subway navigation and just the joy of being together, we went all OVER Manhattan, Brooklyn, Coney Island, everywhere. And we, like old times, stayed up together until the early hours of the morning just enjoying each others company. That was one of the best days of my life. I've never had more fun.
After that day, we went our separate ways but did not lose touch. We'd text every night, which then turned into talking on the phone all night, which then turned into face timing all night, every single night until school started two and a half weeks later. Even though it was for the most part virtual, I was absolutely falling in love with this boy. Once we got back to school, we started dating almost immediately. Let me clarify one thing though y'all, I seriously had zero intention of getting with Matt. When I was waiting for him to get to Brooklyn that day in NYC, I kept telling myself "you're just friends, you're just friends" and I knew that. I was fully aware of the heart break I had just gone through, I was not trying to find any kind of rebound or distraction. I was set on being alone for a while and just taking care of myself while I healed from it all, but everything just happened on it's own and it was wonderful.

And yeah! We've been dating for four months now as of two days ago, we classify our day in New York as our first date because it was just that special for us. I seriously am so so so beyond happy. I had never been in any kind of good or even healthy relationships, I had never had any kind of success in that field and always wound up getting hurt. But not this time. This time I am truly happy, so SO happy. Everything is good in the world when I'm with Matt, he's my person and I couldn't be more grateful :) So yeah. That's Matt, that's our story. Hopefully it wasn't too much for you....... lol.

If you like more personal posts like this let me know! I love writing them :)
Until next time, xo, O

To see more Matt, you can check out these YouTube videos:

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? Today marks SIX FULL YEARS of blogging!! How crazy is that?! Honestly, I am so incredibly proud of myself for this accomplishment. My blog has brought me so many amazing things in my life-- jobs, scholarships, friendships, a BUNCH of free stuff! (lol) But seriously, I have my blog to thank for so many great opportunities and what not. This year, although I do wish I had posted a bit more, was a very, very successful year. I can't wait for the seventh year to be even better!
I always love looking back on my all time top posts and seeing what y'all like to look at! These are my top viewed posts of ALL TIME! year after year it's always that last post "Bae" with photos of hot guys, I can see what y'alls REAL priorities are!!!

Back to School Styles with Warby Parker // Self Portrait // Traipsing Around Town with a Camera and a Girl Named Leney // Body Backlash // Oh Fall Photoshoot! // Blogger Besties *EDIT* Collage is messed up, this is supposed to be, Pool Party // Mod & Soul xATLT // Bae
As for this year, these are the top of the top viewed posts! Some of my favorite shoots too, glad we are all on the same page :)

Savannah Spotlights // New Now // SCAD Fashion Show Street Style // Magic of Vulnerability // Blogger Besties (didn't mean to have this in there twice sorry) // Queen of Pops // Applications Now Open: Searching for the B to my V // Blossom // Pool Party // NYC photo diaries // Beach Babe // Spin City
It was a successful year on Instagram as well!! You all really seem to like my boyfriend (hey I do too) and my more serious photoshoots, YAHOO!! My feed transitioned to be more colorful, which I loved, but it seems as though everyone really likes the darker photos! Hmmm... Give me a follow to stay tuned!
And lastly, I really picked up my YouTube channel, which was STELLAR! I gained quick popularity with my college series videos, but am still working to gain subscribers and viewers! I am working on doing weekly vlogs each week, as well as a classic YT video every Sunday!

Overall this year was a huge success for All Those Little Things! I cannot wait to see what year seven has in store for me :) I look forward to even more collaborations, exciting photoshoots, and so much MORE!!

Thank you to everyone who reads :) I really cannot begin to thank you enough honestly, you mean the world to me. You're part of the reason I continue to do what I love to do!! Keep reading, commenting, and sharing, thank you from the bottom of my heart <3 xo, O
Monday, December 18, 2017


top- Zara // skirt- Target // shoes- Target // lipstick- Sephora 

Hey! Hope y'all are feeling wonderful this fine Monday night! I know I sure am... today was a productive day for me, one of the first days in a while I've been off from work, and I actually got a lot done! My favorite part? Finally getting a holiday outfit post in!! I have yet to do any kind of holiday look and Christmas is practically tomorrow... what's with that!? To be completely honest, I've just been so busy, I have this new job, I've been catching up with friends, and just all around a been busy being a busy bee. It's hard to shoot photos when the sun sets at 4:45pm and I don't get off work until 6:15pm, ya know? BUT! I was beyond grateful Saunders could come out with me today to shoot this look because 1. I missed shooting, and 2. HOW ADORABLE!
I saw this skirt the other day in Target and I couldn't get it off my mind, so I wen't back and I had to get it!! If it's not the cutest, most festive little thing you've ever seen I don't know what is! I love that the star trend has been back for a while now, and I'm really hoping it's here to stay because it seriously brings a festive vibe into anything and everything I do! I dig it.

And these BOOTS?! Don't even get me started on my love for sock booties... because the love is real, it's there, it's tangible, and I'm ready for the sock boot trend to stay forEVER, I'm HERE FOR IT!
To wrap things up... (wrap like a present, cause I'm sitting next to the presents, get it? good.) I realize Christmas is very soon, but seriously get excited for some fun Christmas related posts coming your way before the holiday! 

Also don't forget, I'm doing Twelve Days of Vlogmas over on my YouTube channel, so if you haven't already subscribed I would really appreciate if you did!! I'm having a lot of fun creating videos, so please, feel free to check it out! See y'all tomorrow with a special DIY! Lots of love, xo, O
Sunday, December 17, 2017


Hello for the second time today! I haven't done an outfit post in 5ever, I'm very happy to be getting back in the game. And once again, I'm back working with Trunk Up Boutique!! I collaborated with Trunk Up my first time this past summer, you can view that here. I really love all their clothing, not only is it local for me, but it's super cute, comfortable and trendy.
Today I'm going to show you how I styled one dress three different ways, and not all as dresses!
This dress gave me all the bohemian vibes, so for my first look I paired it with a flowy scarf, and some natural toned tights and booties. I realize it's winter now, however, this outfit would be perfect for a fall day spent outdoors, or all summer long without the tights! It's very versatile.
When I took on the challenge to style this dress three ways it was exactly that: a CHALLENGE! But I decided to be creative and "deconstruct" the dress. By unbuttoning, turning it around and folding it down you can tie the arms in the back and create a nice maxi skirt!! This look is also quite versatile, you can wear it with pretty much any top and accessories! With the color pallet of this "skirt" I decided to go with something more peachy, but you could really pair it with something blue, green, yellow, black, really whatever!!
Finally, for a more edgy outfit, I unbuttoned the dress fully and wore it as a long cardigan paired with a bold all black outfit with some statement booties!

The thing that I love about Trunk Up is that they have so many basics that can be worn in so many different ways! Be sure to check out their site, they seriously have so many cute clothes for every type of woman, whether your style is more boho, simple and sweet or edgy, Trunk Up's got you covered.

What are you waiting for? Go shop it up! It's the season of giving, but don't forget to treat yourself ;)
xo, O