Savannah, GA, USA


Dress- thrifted // shoes- Target

Hey Hey Hey! Happy almost Friday! Today is Wednesday, which means it's practically Thursday and Thursday is basically Friday, soooo HAPPY FRIDAY! I took these photos the other week with my friend Julia Llaguno (< click that to see more of her stellar photos!!) for her final fashion photography project and OH MY GOSH! I absolutely LOVE how they turned out! What do you guys think?! I love shoots where something feels out of place, like of course you wouldn't really go to the laundromat in an outfit like this and be sitting on the washers causally, BUT I did and that's what made it so fun! I especially love the photo of me standing next to the man actually doing his laundry...

Do you remember my first shoot I did in a laundromat? See that here. I look SO young! Crazy what only a little over a YEAR will do for ya. That's just wild to think that that was only a year ago... Okay, closer to two years, but STILL!

Anyway, I hope you love these photos as much as I do! Until next time... xo, O


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