Savannah, GA, USA


on me: sweater- H+M // tights- Target // boots- TJ Maxx //
on Caitlyn: sweater and skirt- H+M // boots- Forever 21

YOU GUYS!! This past weekend I had the pleasure of working with an AMAZING team of girls for one of my friend, Brooke's final project. I had only ever met Brooke before the shoot, and none of us had known each other prior either, but let me tell you Jemma, the photographer, Caitlyn, the other model, Arden, the makeup artist, Brooke and I all hit it off immediately and worked so well together! I LOVE working on things with a creative cast of all women, I don't know what about it, but I feel like we just boost each other up so much in a way that is so contagious, powerful, and wonderful!

But yeah, it's late and I still have an entire essay to write so I'm going to keep this very short.
Overall, I really loved this whole shoot, the girls were fabulous, working in the studio was so fun and different from what I normally do with collaborative shoots here at SCAD, and I really did love it! The outfits were so much fun, and yes yes yes overall a brilliant shoot :)

I have some more good photos to share with you all tomorrow... so be sure to check back here!! xo, O
on me: sweater- Zara // pants- Target // shoes- Hidden Fashion
on Caitlyn- earrings- Mallory Wolk // glasses- Dollar Tree (yes pls) // pants- Forever 21 // sweater- H+M // shoes- qupid


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