Ten Things Tuesday- September Faves

Happy Tuesday!! As I'm writing this I'm sitting in my bed, with the lights off, wondering how the heck I'm going to be able to blog everyday. Everyday I get swamped with new assignments and a heavier work load, honestly it's crazy...

BUT! I'm here, and I'm READY to share with you my ten things for this week, and in honor of the new month, I thought I'd look back on September and give you my top ten September faves!

So what are you waiting for? Let's get into this!!
1. Curly Bangs
Before I get that text from my best friend Ally saying, "DO NOT CUT BANGS" when she reads this, please note that I am not cutting bangs any time soon, or ever again... BUT I am obsessed with the look of a short hair cut with curly top bangs, it's soooo flirty and fun.
2. Confetti Balloons
Just you wait... I've purchased some on Etsy, it's all happening... get excited.

3. The Diplomat
I plan on going and doing a full Savannah Spotlight on this spot, but until then... It's a tiny lil sandwich shop that just opened two weeks ago and I kid you NOT has the best avocado toast ever. I never thought I'd be into the combination of pickled radishes, dill, and pumpkin seeds... but oh man, oh man oh man it's delicious. More to come on that soon.
4. Old Photos
I was recently stalking my mom on Facebook (hi mama) as one does... and I never realized how many cute old photos she had on there of my siblings and me when we were young! It's funny because I didn't even know this photo existed, yet once seeing it I'm taken back to that exact moment at the beach. I love that!
5. Starry Eyes
Stars have been very trendy lately, and for a good reason, they are stellar! I want to get permanent star makeup installed on my face so I always shine... Seems legit, right?

6. Lucy Moon's 168 Hours
Lucy Moon is the oh so adorable, very British Youtuber who sometimes vlogs here and there, and let me tell you, they are my favorite. I really just love her so much, and then her edits and everything, it's great. Give her a watch for sure.
7. My Dorm
A few weeks ago I moved into a new dorm with a complete stranger and a closed mind. But after almost three weeks of living here, lemme update you: I absolutely LOVE living here. I live in Oglethorpe House, which is SO centrally located, my roommate is super duper nice and everything is fabulous! Everything seriously worked out for the best :)

8. Yellow for Fall
I've always loved yellow, so naturally I'm LOVING the yellow for fall trend that's happening right now. Above are links to some yellow pieces I'm currently coveting, shop your lil heart out!! Yellow is IN!
9. My New Kicks
I got these shoes right before I went off to school and I'm seriously in LOVE! I get so many complements on them whenever I wear em out. You can't really tell in this photo, but they are SPARKLY! Like seriously so sparkly, the perfect personality shoe (is that even a thing? well it is now)

10. Lana Del Rey
If you know me, you know I've always been a lil obsessed with my mama Lana. WELL! Earlier this week tickets for her 2018 US tour went on sale, so naturally I'd been listening to her new and old albums and everything else in between, leading up to the sale and then ever since then, and totally jiving. And yes, I DID get tickets to see her and I'm beyOND EXCITED!!!!!!


Alright kookie cats, that pretty much sums up everything I've been into this month! I'll see y'all tomorrow with a GIVEAWAY!! So stay tuned... you know you're going to want this one... I'm sure of it! Until then chickies, sleep well! xo, O


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