Savannah, GA


sweatshirt- Tees and Thank You // jeans- Old Navy // socks- Forever 21 // shoes- TJ Maxx // lipstick- Jeffree Star

It may be Sunday, but Halloweekend isn't over yet! As a matter of fact, it's just getting started >:)
Hello, Hello Everyone! Although I didn't do much of any Halloween themed things this weekend, I still had a wonderful one! My parents were visiting from Richmond, and we had a blast. It was a quick trip, but still a good one :) I love having them here!! So Mama and Papa (yes, I do call my parents Mama and Papa) if you're reading this: thank you for a spectacular weekend! I love y'all so much!!

As far as this outfit goes, primarily this sweatshirt... I never understood the real confusion of an impulse buy until I bought this sweatshirt. I kid you not, I was sitting on the plane, needing to turn my phone on airplane mode, but just finishing up on Instagram, saw this sweatshirt in a sponsored post, clicked the link, immediately purchased it SO QUICKLY, without even really thinking! Flipped my phone to airplane mode as if nothing had happened and then took a step back and was like, "wait a second, did I really just buy a sweatshirt that actually says 'bad and boooooojee' on it?! In under a minute?! What." Truly an impulse buy. BUT it's honestly so cute and comfy and I really do like it, no lie y'all I like it, and I'm glad I bought it!! I mean I only get to wear it but so much, because it is Halloweeny, so yes, I'm glad I now have some more Halloween gear! Yahooties!!

Anyway, what did you guys do this weekend?? Comment down below and let me know!


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