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Happy Saturday Chickies!
I am finally back to my regularly scheduled programing with this outfit post! I feel like it's been forever and a day since I did anything typical on here... but hey, a splash of something new isn't always a bad thing, right? Right. Anyway, today I got together with one of my blogger besties, Stephanie Whitman from She Saw Style. She's also a total fashionista icon from RVA, we've hung out now a few times and I really look forward to future brunch+ photoshoot hangs! She actually just got engaged, and y'all she's the best. Seriously, go check her out.
glasses- thrifted (similar) // shirt- H+M (similar 1, 2, 3) // dress- Ashby (similar 1, 2) // shoes- Mod + Soul // backpack- Tobi

As for this outfit, I feel like it is PERFECT for back to school, well okay, depending on where you go to school and what your dress code is, if I wore this in high school I'd get "skirted" in an instant. BUT HEY! It's super duper cute, and the combo of the collar and layering it over the striped shirt gives it a school girl vibe which I'm really digging. And okay, the backpack helps out with that too... But it's cute, no? In addition, today was the perfect fall day, Stephanie and I sat outside for brunch and it was absolutely lovely. This dress is a little thicker, so I was fine without a jacket or anything.

The one benefit of being home for this extra week or so  (little back story: SCAD canceled move in and classes due to Hurricane Irma) is that I actually get a little taste of fall. In Savannah, we hardly get fall, it's hot and humid, and then out of nowhere, cold, then we go home for most of winter (November-December) and when we come back it begins to warm up again! Weather down there is wacky, and I really, really miss fall. It's the best! These past few days have been so nice though, I'm savoring it as much as possible while I'm home! I need to go apple picking, or drink a pumpkin spice latte, or buy a chunky sweater, or cut bangs or something! MUST make fall last!!!!! Hahaha... well hopefully I'll get some fall outfit posts in before I go, until then. xo, O


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