Sunday, September 24, 2017


glasses- Warby Parker
boots- Target

HELLO! Okay I know it's been a while, but please just understand that I've been moving out and moving in and moving all around! There simply hasn't been enough time in the day to sit down and write to you all, but here I am! And quite frankly this needs to be quick because I do need to go to sleep, no joke I've been staying up way too late and that's just not good. 

So, as I'm sure you've figured out by now, I'm finally back in Savannah, just finished up my first week of classes in my sophomore year and I'm feeling good! My classes are going to all be quite time consuming and tedious, but I'm ready for the challenges that this year brings. I have some exciting photoshoots and other blog related projects and collaborations in the works as well, I have a feeling this quarter is going to be a great one! Just a week in and it's already been the best one yet!

On that note, I do have to go to bed. I still have so much work to do tomorrow before class.... But I'll be posting tomorrow, so stay tuned!! Oh! And my video this week was what I wore during my first week back :) Be sure to check that out (down below!!) and like and subscribe, and alllll that good youtube stuff :)
xo, O
Tuesday, September 12, 2017


HELLO EVERYONE! Happy Tuesday :)
This week I'm FINALLY going back to school, it's been forever and a day, but finally heading back to Savannah on Friday and I cannot wait. Fall is on it's way, I'm starting a new year, and change is just in the AIR. SO! This week I thought it might be suiting to have my ten things be ten things I'm looking forward to. Let's get into it!
1. Starting my classes and meeting new professors 
Because nothing beats a fresh start. Getting to know new classmates, really being organized and on top of things in the start of the quarter, reading all the chapters and doing all the assignments, not yet slacking or sliding (not that I ever do that or anything...)

2. Walking on the beach barefoot at night
We are less than 30 minutes from Tybee Island, and I really did not go there enough last year, I want to eat some pizza and hold hands with someone as we walk along the shoreline and watch the moon rise, I live for the cliches y'all, just let it happen.

3. All nighters 
Okay so it's wild and stressful in the moment, but I love how crazy jam packed my schedules get at SCAD, how my work ethic goes through the roof and I have to skip classes just to do more work and get ahead, I'm excited to stay up all night jamming to throwback Miley Cyrus, eating gummy worms and creating something amazing.

4. Bella Napoli gnocchi
This one tiny restaurant on the corner of this one square with the best gnocchi in the entire world and pillow-like bread. I cannot wait to eat it all.

5. Going on dates with someone new 
Last year at SCAD I was in a long distance relationship, but things have changed quite a bit, and I'm really, really looking forward to dating, going out to dinner, on walks, studying with someone new, and who knows maybe even falling in love! Ahh! Who knows, regardless of what happens, I'm excited! No more waiting around for someone to text me back or counting down days until a stressful visit. Only gooooood vibes and luv.

6. Doing what I want when I want
I'm able to go out when I want and not have to bring my phone around with me everywhere, I'm excited to live my own life as a college kid in Savannah on my own agenda, I'm a sophomore now, I know the lay of the land and I'm excited to live it up!

7. Meeting new people
Last year I kind of kept to myself, I found a tiny group of friends and didn't get out much, not this year though y'all, I'm going to branch out and really meet new people, and I really cannot freaking wait.

8. Sweaters
Soooo maybe it's still sweltering in Savannah, but in November and when I come home I am HYPE for chunky sweaters. I've been trying to find the perfect one, and once I do, just y'all wait, I'm going to wear the heck out of that sweater! I live for chunky knits...

9. Traveling here and there
So I may not have a car or anything, but there is the train, and I do have friends with cars, basically I'm excited to get a job in Savannah, save up and travel all over. There are so many cool places I want to go around Savannah, like Charleston! Definitely planning on going to Charleston.

10. Decorating my dorm 
This is a pretty basic one, but I am very excited to get settled in my dorm. Finding housing for this year was all over the place and took way too long to figure out, so stressful you guys, so stressful. But now that I know, I really can't wait to decorate and move right in. I'm planning on keeping things pretty simple this year, and I have a few things that I'm bringing to decorate, but you'll just have to wait and seeeee ;)
Okie dokies y'all that's it for tonight! I know this was kind of a simple post, but hey, better than nothing! And I'll get back to doing links next week, so stick around for that.
Anyway, I'll see you guys tomorrow! xo, O
Sunday, September 10, 2017
Queen of Pops

Queen of Pops

top- JoS A. Bank // skirt- Forever 21 // earrings- T Marie Designs

Good Morning loves! So maybe it is beginning to feel like fall here in RVA, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to hold onto summer for a little bit longer with a cold popsicle from King of Pops. I got the banana cinnamon with a chocolate dip and I was thoroughly satisfied! Yesterday was an all around happy day, I mean how can you not be happy when you're around these rainbow umbrellas!!

I decided I'd test out the "transform a basic button down into something more exciting" trend, but I'm not sure if I did it too well, honestly it kept falling off of me... if you've ever done this let me know how you made it a success, because I just could not get it to work as a functional top!! But I do really like this outfit, I wish you could have seen my shoes too, we just didn't get the right shot, BUT they are slides similar to these and I'm obsessed. I'll have to shoot in them again sometime soon... So, until then I guess... Have a wonderful week everyone. xoxo, O

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Get Ready With Me Video

Get Ready With Me Video

glasses- thrifted (similar) // shirt- H+M (similar 1, 2, 3) // dress- Ashby (similar 1, 2) // shoes- Mod + Soul // backpack- Tobi

Hope you had a wonderful week! Today I'm sharing with you a quick little video I made yesterday while getting ready to go out to brunch with one of my friends! I thought about filming throughout my entire day, but I'll save that for another time, maybe do a night routine video a little later or something. Anyway, I hope you guys like it, let me know what you think in the comments down below :) xo, O
song- Home by Now- Bombay Bicycle Club // I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG
Saturday, September 9, 2017
Blogger Besties

Blogger Besties

Happy Saturday Chickies!
I am finally back to my regularly scheduled programing with this outfit post! I feel like it's been forever and a day since I did anything typical on here... but hey, a splash of something new isn't always a bad thing, right? Right. Anyway, today I got together with one of my blogger besties, Stephanie Whitman from She Saw Style. She's also a total fashionista icon from RVA, we've hung out now a few times and I really look forward to future brunch+ photoshoot hangs! She actually just got engaged, and y'all she's the best. Seriously, go check her out.
glasses- thrifted (similar) // shirt- H+M (similar 1, 2, 3) // dress- Ashby (similar 1, 2) // shoes- Mod + Soul // backpack- Tobi

As for this outfit, I feel like it is PERFECT for back to school, well okay, depending on where you go to school and what your dress code is, if I wore this in high school I'd get "skirted" in an instant. BUT HEY! It's super duper cute, and the combo of the collar and layering it over the striped shirt gives it a school girl vibe which I'm really digging. And okay, the backpack helps out with that too... But it's cute, no? In addition, today was the perfect fall day, Stephanie and I sat outside for brunch and it was absolutely lovely. This dress is a little thicker, so I was fine without a jacket or anything.

The one benefit of being home for this extra week or so  (little back story: SCAD canceled move in and classes due to Hurricane Irma) is that I actually get a little taste of fall. In Savannah, we hardly get fall, it's hot and humid, and then out of nowhere, cold, then we go home for most of winter (November-December) and when we come back it begins to warm up again! Weather down there is wacky, and I really, really miss fall. It's the best! These past few days have been so nice though, I'm savoring it as much as possible while I'm home! I need to go apple picking, or drink a pumpkin spice latte, or buy a chunky sweater, or cut bangs or something! MUST make fall last!!!!! Hahaha... well hopefully I'll get some fall outfit posts in before I go, until then. xo, O

Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Body Backlash

Body Backlash

Hello beautiful people of the internet!!
This week is international Love Your Body Week, (which should totally be every week in my opinion) and I've got some things to say (prepare for a rant). I've talked in the past about not being totally comfortable in my own skin (1, 2, 3, 4) and all that jazz that almost all women feel at some point in their lives. Especially today where we are constantly surrounded by people who are "better" than us, everything feels like a competition and just a huge comparison game.

Well, today I'm going to talk about something that happened to me when I stepped outside of my comfort zone and posted a photo that was seen as "low-class", "trashy", "totally inappropriate", and "soooo uncomfortable" saying that I was "getting self-respect confused with empowerment." and that it, "is not something a role model to young women would post. It's just not."
I posted the photo above, in addition to some photos of my goldfish and another one of me dancing in my room, a series of sorts you could say, on my Instagram story yesterday around 4pm. I've been in a few relationships and little flings with guys and what not, and I can honestly say that I have NEVER felt sexy, never ever felt genuinely sexy in my body. There have been a few times where I've dressed up super nice and felt like a total 10, for sure, but never ever have I felt sexy, or hot, or desirable. And sure, I'm young, whatever, but in my nineteen and a half years here on this planet I've never experienced the feeling of being sexy. Oddly enough, ever since my breakup I've gained this newfound confidence where I actually do feel somewhat desirable. In my past relationship I wasn't "allowed" to post or even really do anything even slightly revealing, sexy or anything like that or else I would be broken up with. That's pretty screwed up.

I felt like, okay yeah, now that I'm single I can do whatever I want. I was procrastinating on packing for school and I began to take some photos. I was feeling REALLY good. I really liked the way they were turning out, so naturally I continued. And it's not like I'm wearing some crazy strappy lingerie set, or I'm sprawled out on my bed, or tied up or something ridiculous like that, like seriously guys, you've seen this top a million and one times, (1, 2, 3) and I'm just wearing a thong which is basically the same size as some of the trendy bikini bottoms this year. How many times have I posed in MeUndies and no one has had any kind of issue with it? Too many to count. So why does this time, this ONE time I post something with a little bit darker lighting and messy hair make any difference?

This photo is a symbol of me feeling comfortable and confident in my own skin. I'm so so self conscious of my legs, they have cellulite, too many scars to count, little hairs, and scratches everywhere. I don't have a toned butt or anything like that at all, my stomach isn't flat by any means, So the fact that I even put this photo out there was a big step for me. I'm posing in a way where I LOOK and FEEL excellent.

Never before feeling sexy, posting this was the first time I really did, and the best part about it, I wasn't with some guy, I took this on self timer, I was 100% feeling myself.
I decided to post it about an hour after editing it, saying, "okay, okay you know what, this is a GOOD photo. It'll be totally fine. Even though you would typically be self conscious about it, it's all good because you are so beautiful and strong and you GOT THIS! Go for it!" So I did.

Immediatly comments started streaming in:
"you are stunning n beautiful n I'm blessed to have seen this photo"
"Yesss girl!!... you're killing it!!"
"Loooooove this"
"So beautiful!!"
"HOT DAMNNN MAMA *intert fire emojis here*"
"Can I just be you??"
"girl we MUST shoot together soon, you're killing it"

and then I got the
and the long messages tearing any self confidence I had down began.

I think, at nineteen, being a young woman in 2017, honing in on my sexuality and body confidence is so important to discovering who I am as a woman as I continue to grow. And sure, maybe I am a role model for younger women and girls, but I want my message of, "hey this is me, feeling amazing, being comfortable in my own skin looking like a total star, one day I hope you feel the same when you grow up a bit" to come through.

To future employers, I'm going to be completely honest, I really really don't care. Any job I would ever apply or want to work for would and should be totally fine with body confidence, and if they aren't, then they aren't the company for me. I'm not looking to work in any kind of corporate position or for like a law firm or anything like that. So what the heck matters!

So yeah, I could have posted a photo of me on the beach in a swimsuit, but that isn't nearly the same, like at. all. I wanted to feel sexy and powerful and confident, so I took a few photos, found one I liked and was proud to post it and show off my strong wonderful body. Why do you think Boudoir shoots are a thing???

I vow to NEVER bring any woman down for being "too" sexy or posting something that is "too" revealing. Honestly people, we all have boobs, what's the big surprise?? Every woman struggles and deals with her own insecurities, so the moment that she puts herself out there and posts something showing off her fantastic body, don't you ever for a second think to shower her with anything but genuine complements. It's 2017, women are allowed to be seductive and show off, get over it.

Below are a few photos from Instagram of other badass babes working it in front of the camera. There is no need to hide your sexuality, or your body, or anything like that. Dare to be beautiful and strong and capable of desire. All women are so so incredible and shouldn't have to hide all that goodness, and if you don't have anything nice to say or disagree, please escort yourself out.

xo, O