Richmond, VA, USA


top- Tunk Up // pants- American Apparel // shoes- Forever 21 similar, similar // glasses- thrifted similar

Hello Loves! Hope you all had a fantastic week and weekend! I apologize for being so absent, it's unlike me! But to be completely honest I was actually going through a lot of personal stuff and just couldn't find the time or energy to glam up and glo-up.

But! I finally did, and am so glad I did because it put me in a much better mood. I mean how can you not be in the best mood when wearing a top this pink and THIS ruffley!!!! It's just as pretty and bright pink in person. I'm obsessed. And you can actually get your own from Trunk Up!

Trunk Up is an online women's clothing boutique based here in Richmond that sells the most adorable, yet also affordable clothing! That way everyone can look cute without breaking the bank!! Seriously y'all, Trunk Up is too cute, so what are you waiting for?! Go go go!!!

Have a great week xo, O


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